Teaching and learning together

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Inspiring every student

Education’s changing. Today’s networked AV technologies have transformed teaching and learning, enabling deeper interaction and collaboration.

At Sony we create easy-to-use products and complete solutions to inspire students of all ages and abilities. We work with schools, universities and colleges to deliver richer, more immersive educational experiences. Find out how we can bring your campus alive – and take learning to the next level.

Present a clearer picture

Made for today’s classrooms and lecture theatres, our award-winning laser projectors maximise returns on any educational budget. You’ll enjoy pristine picture quality, plus easy integration into any AV environment and reliable operation with virtually no maintenance.

Slim, energy-efficient 4K BRAVIA Professional Displays add sparkle to your image in lecture theatres and classrooms as well shared spaces, cafeterias, sports halls and reception areas. You’ll value flexible integration, smart features and low running costs.

Inspire, engage, collaborate

Active Learning brings together students, lecturers and presenters in a workgroup-based collaborative environment, letting teams, lecturers and presenters brainstorm and work collaboratively. Cost-effective, easy to configure and intuitive for any user, this total active learning solution is ideal for universities and colleges of higher education.



Engage their interest

One way lecture style classes are giving way to a more collaborative, workgroup-based environment. Sony’s Vision Exchange provides dynamic and flexible solutions for every teaching space, maximising the potential of BYOD (bring your own device) by letting students create and share content from their own tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Capture everyone's attention

Ideal for lecture capture and distance learning, our high-performance remote cameras combine superb image quality in 4K or HD with powerful optical zoom and speedy, silent pan/tilt/zoom operation.

Easily mounted on the ceiling, a tripod or directly on a desk, our compact cameras grab crisply detailed images of a lecturer or presenter even when light levels are now. They’re also certified for smooth integration with many leading lecture capture and room automation systems.

The professional choice

Broadcasters and professional content creators have relied on Sony for decades – and so can you. Our affordable, easy to use cameras, recorders, monitors and production tools let schools and colleges bring extra polish to their visual communications, across campus and beyond.

Trainee journalists, film and media students can gain familiarity with the same hardware and workflows they’ll experience in industry. And internal PR/marketing teams can create high-impact news bulletins to share your own institution’s successes with the rest of the world.

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Protect your assets

Digitise, archive and retrieve your school or college’s precious assets with our scalable media management solutions.

Speedy, reliable and future-proof, Optical Disc Archive is the ideal choice for safeguarding your institution’s digital content with a rated media life of up to 100 years. It’s a great partner for Media Navigator, our powerful but affordable asset management solution.

Sony also offers a range of large-scale archive and content management solutions to safeguard your data securely for the long term, on premises or in the cloud.

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