4K: The ultimate definition

Detail when it matters most

What is 4K?

4K means detail and lots of it. It’s the description given for any still image, video or digital cinematographic material which delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times the quality of Full HD definition.

The benefit of the increased pixel count found in a 4K image can be easily explained when looking at the same still image in both Full HD and 4K. The increased number of pixels provides a greater level of detail, giving more definition to the entire image and clear detail when zooming in to a smaller section of an image. Where the Full HD content will begin to blur, the detail will remain in the 4K resolution, making it easier for the user of the image to identify content and definition within it.

[1] Full HD 2.1 million pixels [2] 4K 8.8 million pixels

Leading the way in 4K

A market-leader in 4K innovation, we have championed 4K definition across a huge number of product applications.

From Sony F65 4K broadcast live system capturing the latest movie footage, Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors distributing the content in crisp 4K into cinema screens – through to a 4K Bravia TV you can buy for your home. We’ve also announced the world’s first true 4K smartphone.

4K technology is becoming widely accepted as the new resolution – for the ultimate in clarity. And we have the expertise to revolutionise the way you work.

[1] Digital Cinema, 4K Projectors [2] Broadcast, 4K for Live Production [3] Medical, 4K for surgery

[4] Video Security, 4K Security [5] XperiaTM, 4K Smartphone

Introducing 4K to healthcare

We continue to build on our long and unique history of developing technologies used in products throughout the world, and are pleased to introduce sensor technology which now offers the healthcare market the opportunity to capture surgical procedures in 4K.

In fact we are developing a 4K workflow which makes it possible for any hospital to upgrade to the latest in imaging technology. With our 4K workflow, designed to work over IP across your existing network we can provide you with detail when it matters most. From the image sensors inside the latest 4K endoscopy cameras and the images they capture shown on our latest 4K surgical monitors, to a 4K recorder, whose content can then be distributed over the network to content management systems, or one of our 4K displays for post-surgical review or teaching – we’ve got it covered.

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Setting a standard

Our products and workflow are designed to work with different modalities; our IP Converter will allow a hospital to share 4K content across an open platform. We are standardising technology to make sure we are providing vendor neutral technology to the market, there is no proprietary technology to worry about.

The move to 4K is starting: Speak to the leader in 4K today