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The smarter workspace management platform
TEOS Manage software offers a complete display device and room management solution for corporate environments that's powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Efficiently managing, scheduling and monitoring the content that’s displayed on all your networked screens, projectors and display devices can be a headache for any organisation. TEOS Manage streamlines the control and maintenance of all your connected devices and content in boardrooms, meeting rooms, offices, reception areas and public spaces.

Scalable and highly cost effective, TEOS Manage orchestrates the control of your organisation's IP connected devices via a friendly dashboard-style interface. Group devices by location for easier management. Schedule content playout, and even create your own impressive digital signage in minutes. Integrate screens with your centralised bookings system to display meeting schedules in each room. Rapidly pinpoint issues with any device that isn’t working.

With TEOS Manage, you’re in complete control of all your networked display devices and content – all the time.

Organisations can improve their productivity even further with our complete family of corporate workspace solutions that integrate seamlessly with TEOS Manage. Use TEOS Book to create a complete interactive room booking solution. TEOS Remote simplifies control of AV systems and other meeting room devices through mobiles or an in-room tablet. TEOS Reception offers visitors and guests an efficient welcome with automated check-in. Great for collaborative working, TEOS Connect simplifies wireless screen mirroring from laptops to BRAVIA Professional Displays.


Manage all your networked displays
Enjoy a dashboard-style global overview, summarising devices, rooms and locations, activity status, green management settings and any device issues.
Scheduled playout
Push images, pictures, videos, signage and other content to individual devices, zones or across the whole network. It’s easy to manage and review playout schedules, ensuring that the right content is always displayed on the right screen at the right time.
Group devices by location
With TEOS Manage, users can control, monitor and update displays grouping them by building, floor or area via corporate IP networks. Adding more devices is easy with the network auto-discover function.
Integrated room bookings
TEOS Manage integrates smoothly with your room bookings system. Calendar information from Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server or Google Calendar that’s relevant to each room can be displayed, with a choice of attractive templates.
Receive device alerts
See operating status of all connected display devices, and receive alerts when any networked device stops working.
Wide device compatibility
TEOS Manage is compatible with virtually any IP-enabled device – including display screens, projectors and tablets.
Send emergency alerts
Help to manage emergency events by pushing urgent alert notifications to all connected displays – like instructions on finding the closest fire exit to vacate the building.
Green management settings
Schedule on and off times for each display to save energy when devices aren’t required, for example at evenings or weekends.
Cloud or on-site local deployment
TEOS Manage can be hosted in the cloud, simplifying deployment and allowing seamless access from any browser, giving users easy access to TEOS Manage whenever and wherever they need. Alternatively, local deployment can be used for enhanced levels of security.
Complete device management solution
TEOS Manage can be controlled and maintained by just one person, reducing the need for extra staff and other resource and allowing just one point of contact for all support.
Supports TEOS Player
TEOS Manage integrates seamlessly with TEOS Player. This compact 4K Android player connects to any flat panel display or projector – including non-Sony devices – giving access to pre-installed TEOS solutions and other Android apps with beautiful 4K HDR picture quality.
Signage made simple
Create colourful, eye-catching signage and distribute instantly across networked screens. Combine text, images, graphics, video, news feeds, social media and web content using friendly templates. Email content to your customised TEOS address and signage is displayed automatically on the appropriate screens.


Facility Management*
Number of sites/rooms
No limitation
IP Control
Sony compatibility
Professional BRAVIA, projectors, tablets
Other brands compatibility
Yes, on demand
Meeting room*
Calendar compatibility
Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365
Customizable background
Customizable inputs titles
Lockable secured interface
Content creation
Main functions
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Websites, Interactive content, Powerpoint, Streamings, Weather report, RSS feeds
Picture format
Video format
Sound format
WAV, MP3, streaming
Mail, SMS
Content creation elements
Text/Image/Video/Graphics/TV/Website/Ticker/Date and time/Youtube/Audio stream
Server pre-requisites
Windows server 2008R2 or above
IIS needs to be installed on the server
.Net framework 4.5 needs to be installed on the server
MSSQL Server needs to be installed (web edition or above)
40GB of available space on your server
The server needs to be connected to a network that can connect to the devices that need to be controlled
The server can reach the calendar servers (Office 365, Exchange or Google calendar)
License for Simple Control use
License for Meeting Room use
License for Signage use
Standard warranty
1 year for support and new features firmwares
PSP.TEM100.1X: 1 year PrimeSupportPro for support and new features firmwares. 1 per device required
PSP.TEM100.2X: 2 year PrimeSupportPro for support and new features firmwares. 1 per device required
PSP.TEM100.4X: 4 year PrimeSupportPro for support and new features firmwares. 1 per device required
On-demand On-site training 1 day
On-demand On-site installation 1 day
On-demand On-site support 1 day
On-demand custom development 1 day
Specifications are subject to change without notice by time of product availability.