2D Eye Shield Kit
Image of the following product: CFV-E20SK


This 2D eye shield starter kit includes one frame (CFV-B100) and 3x disposable 2D eye shields.

The disposable eye shields are intended for use by clinical staff supporting the surgeon in the Operation Room who may experience discomfort or motion sickness when viewing stereoscopic images on the Sony Medical Monitor. The 2D (left polarising) filter allows Operation Room staff to view monitor images in 2D, offering more wearer comfort without '3D sickness'.

The eye shield fits into the shield frame that is light and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Wearing the eye shield and frame, healthcare professionals are protected from blood splashes, body fluids and typically encountered in the Operation Room during clinical procedures.

The 2D eye shield is compatible with the BKM-30GM and BKM-31GM (can use instead of 30/31GM).