Revolutionising surgical training at the National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore – Khoo Teck Puat Advanced Surgery Training Centre (ASTC) is a world-class facility for surgical training. Measuring over 1000m², the ASTC is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to support seminars, workshops and hands-on training. The centre’s innovative use of modern technology has revolutionised medical education, especially in the field of complex minimally invasive surgical techniques. Our multi-source, multi-view video display and distribution solution gives surgical trainees an immersive view of surgical procedures in ASTC’s SMART Lab operating room and linked seminar hall.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Complexity of managing and displaying multiple video sources
  • Limited space in SMART Lab operating room restricts number of trainees available to view surgical procedures
  • There was a requirement to upgrade the video quality from SD to HD

The Solution

  • Seminar Hall and training rooms feature VPL-FHZ55 laser projectors, BRAVIA Professional Displays, SRG-300H PTZ cameras and a PCS-XG100 videoconferencing system
  • Vision Presenter* manages distribution and display of multiple video sources

The Outcome

  • Quality and efficiency of surgical training improved
  • Trainees in seminar hall can watch procedures streamed from live SMART Lab
  • Videoconferencing connects seminar hall with other partnering facilities around the world

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The multi live view display lets us look at different procedures going on in the lab without having to move from station to station

Surgical student, Khoo Teck Puat ASTC, Singapore

Students benefit from interactive involvement in sessions

To improve the quality and efficiency of its training, ASTC has upgraded its previous Standard Definition AV facilities with the help of Sony. To give trainees a realistic experience of complex surgical procedures, Sony provided ASTC with an end-to-end video solution based on Vision Presenter*. This interactive solution manages the distribution, control and display of multiple video sources in ASTC’s ‘SMART Lab’ operating room with HD quality. Trainees can enjoy a ‘multi view’ of several sources, providing a richer, more immersive learning experience.

Space constraints limit the number of trainees that can be accommodated in the SMART Lab. To address this, a BRC-H700 PTZ HD robotic camera controlled by Vision Presenter lets students in the large seminar hall watch sessions streamed live from the lab, displayed via a VPL-FHZ55 laser projector and BRAVIA Professional Displays. What’s more, trainees can watch live video from other facilities across the world, shared using the PCS-XG100 Full HD videoconferencing system.

*Vision Presenter is no longer sold in many regions. Contact your nearest Sony dealer to find out about our equivalent solutions on offer.

Increased productivity and efficiency of teaching

Alex Chui, IT Specialist, Department of Surgery, welcomes the simpler, more flexible control of devices and systems that are managed remotely from ASTC’s main control room: “The simple and intuitive operability of software and hardware ensures that maintenance of the system is straightforward and fuss-free.” Training presentations have become more structured and organised, resulting in improved trainer/trainee engagement. Productivity and efficiency of teaching has also increased, with trainees receiving a more impactful and enhanced learning experience. Additionally, ASTC’s trainers enjoy easier intuitive control over their presentations by using a tablet or mobile device.

Flexible presentations, intuitive control

“Vision Presenter is an innovative, intuitive solution that improves the ease of presentation and gives an eye-catching method of viewing displays from multiple sources,” confirms Professor Davide Lomanto, Senior Consultant, Division of General Surgery; Director, Minimal Invasive Surgical Centre (MISC) & NUS Khoo Teck Puat ASTC. “Using a smart device like a phone or tablet for control is perfect for use in our laboratory.”

Training participants are equally impressed with the Vision Presenter. “The multi live view display lets us look at different procedures going on in the lab without having to move from station to station,” notes one surgical student.