Manage for TEOS and BRAVIA displays enable visual alarm system for Bondalti

Leading Portuguese chemical producer can alert workers in the event of emergencies with customisable, future-proofed signage and alarm solution.

TEOS and BRAVIA displays

How we helped

The challenge

The Challenge

  • Need for digital signage solution to provide corporate information to visitors and staff
  • Additional requirement to provide safety information in event of chemical accidents
  • Need to re-use Bondalti’s existing IT systems
The solution

The Solution

  • Playout of digital signage controlled by Manage for TEOS
  • Thirteen BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays present day-to-day information for employees, plus emergency instructions in the event of incidents
The outcome

The Outcome

  • Staff and visitors enjoy dynamic, visually engaging information
  • Employee safety enhanced by clear, timely guidance in the event of an incident
  • Futureproofed solution allows easy updates with changing working practices

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The visual alarm solution we’ve built with Sony is leaps ahead of our previous setup. In the event of an incident we can share rich, detailed, dynamic and engaging information to keep employees across the facility safe and updated.

Carlos Moura
Automation and Control Manager, Bondalti

Ensuring safety for every worker

Bondalti is Portugal’s biggest chemical producer, selling a wide range of industrial chemicals throughout Europe that are used in industries from pharmaceuticals and water purification to paper manufacture.

The production and handling of industrial chemicals and hazardous substances requires thorough and diligent safety measures. Safety is paramount, making it vital in the event of a chemical accident to give workers information in order to respond quickly and appropriately to the situation.

Bondalti screen
Bondalti screen

A smarter emergency alert solution

With a commitment to systematic improvement of its operations, Bondalti has partnered with Sony to integrate an innovative visual alarm system that informs workers at the company’s Estarreja manufacturing facility in the unlikely event of an emergency.

It replaces Bondalti’s previous system that used buzzers and colour-coded lights to alert employees, with no contextual information about the incident taking place.

Dynamic information to alert and advise employees

Working in close collaboration, Sony and Bondalti created a custom AV alarm and information display solution to meet the factory’s evolving needs, without requiring the overhaul of Bondalti’s existing IT infrastructure. The system is centred around Manage for TEOS, Sony’s device and corporate workspace management system, together with thirteen networked BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays.

Management and distribution of digital signage across the facility is orchestrated by Manage for TEOS. In everyday use, the BRAVIA screens can display colourful, richly-detailed corporate information for workers and visitors. However in the unlikely event of a chemical accident, the alarm system automatically overrides all the displays, giving workers timely on-screen information and guidance to react quickly and safely to the situation.

Bondalti screen
Bondalti screen

Supporting greater safety, today and tomorrow

Not only can the new system display rich and informative content, it’s also far more flexible than its predecessor. In line with any operational changes at the facility, the alarm system can simply be reprogrammed to support the latest best practices when responding to any issue.

“The visual alarm solution we’ve built with Sony is leaps ahead of our previous setup” confirms Carlos Moura, Automation and Control Manager. “Sony understood the limitations of our previous system perfectly while also recognising the bottlenecks in our IT system that needed to be worked around. Where before we had only buzzers, now, in the event of an incident we can share rich, detailed, dynamic and engaging information to keep our employees across the facility both safe and up to date.”