Software: AXSM Drive Utility V1.3.0 (Win) + V1.3.1 (Mac)

  • Version: 30
  • Friday, January 9, 2015

This software utility includes several functions for use with the AXS Memory Card Reader (AXS-CR1) including:
 •  Displaying the status of an AXS-CR1 drive and AXS Memory Card
 •  Fully formatting an AXS Memory Card
 •  Saving AXS-R5 firmware data onto an AXS Memory Card (for firmware update)
 •  Retrieving log data from an AXS Memory Card
 •  Updating the Firmware of AXS Memory Card
 •  Recovering the corrupted Clip-file of AXS Memory Card and PC
AXSM Drive Utility 1.3.1 (Mac)
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is supported
AXSM Drive Utility 1.3.0
1.) Mac OS X 10.9 is supported
2.) AXS Memory “A-Version” Card is supported
1) “Recovering Clip” function is available for the corrupted Clip-files created on AXS-R5 firmware version 2.00 and later.
2.) If an older version of AXSM Drive Utility is installed on Windows PC, please uninstall, restart the PC and then install the new version.
3.) When using an AXS-CR1 Memory Card Reader with a PC running the Windows 7® Operating System, it is recommended to install the Windows 7 update program released by Microsoft®. Using AXSM Drive Utility Version 1.1 or later and a fully updated version of Windows 7 in combination, data transfer speed from the AXS-CR1 is improved.
For details, refer to the Release Notes.


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