IP remote control solution for 4K Professional Displays
Image of the following product: WQF-IPR1


Control functions of Professional Displays with iOS/Android portable devices.

Remotely control the functions of BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays using your tablet or smartphone (iOS/Android).

This easy-to-use app lets you switch the display's power on or off, select an input source and launch other applications.

Several different 4K Professional Displays can be controlled independently using just one portable device.


Control your 4K Professional Display remotely

Use your tablet or smartphone (iOS/Android) to control functions of your 4K Professional Display remotely.

Control mutiple displays

Several Professional Displays can be registered to a single portable device and controlled independently.

Switch power and input source

Use your device to switch display power on or off, and select an input source.

Launch HTML5 applications

Use the remote app to launch HTML5 applications.