3D medical products

Sony 3D medical products deliver innovation and enhanced depth perception. Our line-up includes 3D medical monitors, 3D medical cameras and specific 3D medical recorders. Our 3D products use leading HD technology across the medical imaging workflow.

This equipment is intended for use by qualified medical professionals only.

Sony 3D gives a new dimension of medical detail

From image acquisition to display, storage and presentation, Sony offers a range purpose-designed products that help clinicians capture and share 3D medical content with clarity and precision.

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3D and 4K technologies offer precise visualisation in medicine

Visualisation technology for medical has advanced rapidly, from analogue to digital to high definition – to 3D and now 4K. High-quality displays will continue to be invaluable medical tools, whether it’s the enhanced depth of a 3D image, or the increased contrast, resolution and level of detail enabled by 4K technology. State-of-the-art visualisation technology is now a part of a medical team’s arsenal, and is a critical resource for every area of a medical environment.

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Seeing, viewing and sharing: Sony's 3D medical workflow

Sony’s end-to-end 3D medical workflow helps surgeons, operating theatre staff and educators benefit from a truer visual experience. From image capture and display to recording, editing and presentation, Sony 3D enables better visual communications across the hospital campus and beyond.

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