Portable wireless HD video conferencing system

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Easily hold high-quality video conferences wherever there's a network connection available
Easily hold high-quality video conferences wherever there's a network connection available

Businesses, schools and public organisations can communicate more effectively and spontaneously with the PCS-XC1 portable video conferencing system that includes an optional wireless capability (license required).

Quick and easy to set up, this all-in-one solution lets conference participants share crisp sound and smooth, clearly-packed HD pictures over the internet with colleagues anywhere in the world. The high-quality pan/tilt/zoom camera captures smooth, finely-detailed video images that make virtual meetings more natural and immersive - even in low light or against harsh back-lighting where other VC systems struggle. For critical applications such as healthcare and broadcasting, the system can be optionally upgraded to support even higher-quality Full HD 1080p video at a smooth 60 frames per second.

Meetings can be further enhanced with live data sharing. Just hook up a PC and illustrate your point with on-screen slide presentations, documents or videos. Add an optional wireless pen/tablet and make on-screen annotations while you're talking for extra emphasis. Conferences can also be recorded directly to a connected USB memory for easy storage and sharing.

Everything's included in the compact, highly portable unit: colour HD camera and codec, plus Wi-Fi capability (requires optional license) for fuss-free connection to wireless networks in any office, hotel, classroom or huddle space.

Affordable, flexible and refreshingly simple to use, the PCS-XC1 puts high quality 'on-the-go' video conferencing in reach of every organisation.


Light, compact and highly portable
Hold video conferences virtually anywhere, even in small meeting rooms where space is at a premium. The all-in-one design allows easy portability and quick set-up without specialist technical know-how.
High quality HD pictures, even in low light
The camera's highly sensitive Exmor CMOS image sensor captures detailed HD video (720p) at a smooth 60 frames per second - even on dull days or in poorly lit meeting rooms. An optional Full HD (1080p) upgrade is available for even higher picture quality in critical applications.
Pan/tilt/zoom camera with wide field of view
The pan/tilt/zoom camera can be controlled remotely with the supplied remote commander. The camera's wide maximum viewing angle ensures that every conference participant in the room can be seen clearly.
High quality pictures in any lighting conditions
Sony's advanced View-DR technology expands dynamic range to accommodate extremes of contrast in the same scene, such as when the presenter's face is backlit by a sunny window.
Crisp, clear digital audio
Connect the optional PCS-A1 omnidirectional microphone for capture crisp digital sound, with on-board echo cancelling to ensure that every conference participant is heard loud and clear.
High-efficiency coding and intelligent QoS
The PCS-XC1 supports the highly efficient H.264 High Profile video coding scheme. Intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) adapts to network conditions, allowing a high-quality experience with fewer dropped frames and frozen pictures - even over low-bitrate network connections.
Easy wireless networking
Wi-Fi capability (requires optional license) simplifies connection to any local wireless network (WLAN) in conference rooms, classrooms hotel suites or huddle spaces.
Simultaneous data sharing
Enrich video conferences by sharing live presentations and other materials with SVGA quality from a connected PC. Data and the main video image can be viewed simultaneously on a single monitor at the remote site, with a choice of split-screen and PiP (Picture in Picture) options.
Record conferences on USB flash memory
HD video and audio can be stored directly onto a USB flash memory device for easy sharing, with no need for any additional recording hardware.
Add video annotations
Add an optional wireless pen and tablet to make live on-screen video annotations to slide presentations, documents and more.
One-touch dialling
Just pick a contact from the integrated address book to launch a conference with a single touch.
Intuitive operation with handy remote
It's easy to operate the PCS-XC1 via its intuitive user interface, using the supplied RFZ remote commander to launch conferences, control the camera and adjust other settings.