Filmmaking Events

Learn about the latest on Sony filmmaking in a city near you or join a webinar from the comfort of your home.

Get hands-on with BURANO
Join us for these hands-on sessions which will include the chance to try the camera with a wide range of accessories.
Introducing the FR7 | Webinar
Sony Expert Jin Koide, Dan Greenway and Alister Chapman present our Cinema Line Full-frame PTZ camera. Dan Greenway runs a hire company specialising in minicams and has already conducted one FR7 shoot for a primetime ITV production.
Your content deserves better sound: Audio tips for filmmaking with Alexandru Don
Join us for an exclusive webinar and live Q&A with Sony Pro Ambassador Alexandru Don and Sony product experts Markus Warlich and Alvaro Ortiz, who will be discussing tips on sound recording for filmmaking.
James Glancy's filmmaking tips with Sony Lenses | Webinar
Watch our exclusive webinar with filmmaker James Glancy CGC, and Sony expert Jin Koide discussing the benefits and key features of Sony Lenses.
FX9 V3: Shooting Documentaries with Mathieu Le Lay | Webinar
Watch our exclusive webinar with Sony Professional Ambassador Mathieu Le Lay and Sony Solutions Specialist Anna Doublet exploring the versatility of the FX9 Version 3 with Q&A session.
Celebrating female cinematographers on International Women’s Day | Webinar
Watch this exclusive webinar with talented Directors of Photography Christine A. Maier BVK, Simona Susnea, Alice Brooks ASC, Maura Morales Bergmann ACC, IMAGO and camera operator Kat Spencer Associate ACO. Moderated by Zoe Mutter, from British Cinematographer Magazine, this webinar will give you an insight into gender equality in the cinematography industry and the opportunity to hear the panellists’ inspiring stories, followed by Q&A.
Cinema Line Roundtable | Webinar
Product expert Daniel List and renowned filmmakers James Matthews, Alexandru Don, William Mitchell and Anders Bach share their experiences with the Sony's Cinema Line – FX3, FX6, FX9 and VENICE. This webinar gives you a thorough overview of Sony's cameras and their differences and find out which one could suit your needs.
FX9 Version 3 Firmware Overview | Webinar
In this exclusive webinar, Sony Professional Ambassador Alister Chapman and Sony Expert Jin Koide take a look at the new key features of Sony’s full-frame camcorder, to help the user understand how to get the best from the PXW-FX9.
New Digital Camcorder Technologies Uncovered | Webinar
Why Full Frame sensors are so popular nowadays? How does it affect the look of your picture? Are you shuttering at the proper Frame Rate? How does Dual Base ISO work? What is Clear Image Zoom? What about Auto Focus? With DoP Pol Turrents, AEC shares professional tips on how to shoot moving images through his experience filming videoclips, commercials, movies and TV Series. Plus technology insights from Sony Experts Alvaro Ortiz and Paul Cameron in a Q&A session.
Choosing The Right Camera Lens | Webinar
Autofocus has become an integral part of production workflows for its speed, reliability, and precision. Award-winning filmmaker and photographer Dennis Schmelz provides behind the scenes tips on how to go the extra mile with the perfect lens for your project.
Colour Matching FX3, FX6 & FX9 | Webinar
Filmmaker Ulrich Mors and Sony Expert Jin Koide organize a multi-cam set-up with different cameras and explain how to match the Cinema Line cameras (FX3, FX6 and FX9) to each other.