4K Laser Cinema Projectors

The picture’s never been clearer with our high-contrast laser digital cinema projectors that combine true 4K resolution with highly reliable operation and low maintenance.

Why Sony?

We’ll bring more detail and emotion to cinema audiences with spectacular 4K detail and industry-leading 10,000:1 contrast. The long-lasting laser light source in our cinema projectors virtually eliminates day-to-day maintenance – helping exhibitors focus on the bottom line with fewer distractions.

True 4K delivers more detail

Don’t short-change audiences with inferior images. All our laser cinema projection systems offer true 4K resolution – that’s four times more pixels than lower quality first-generation 2K systems. You’ll see the difference with immersive, finely-detailed pictures in 2D or 3D on every size of screen, right up to the largest PLF (Premium Large Format) auditoriums.

Industry leading contrast

All our 4K laser projectors are HDR-ready, with a truly spectacular contrast ratio of 10,000:1 that’s ideal for screening the latest High Dynamic Range releases. Blacks are truly black, while the brightest highlights are effortlessly reproduced with extra sparkle. Colours look impressively rich and natural, too. It all adds up to a more satisfying, realistic viewing experience that audiences love.

No lamp changes, less maintenance

With a rated life of up 20,000 hours, the laser light source effectively eliminates the need for frequent lamp replacement that’s required with conventional projectors.

Laser means consistently brilliant images with virtually no noticeable drop-off in brightness compared with Xenon lamps that degrade steadily during their lifetime.

Unlike Xenon lamps, there’s no risk of sudden lamp explosions mid-show – safeguarding cinemas against revenue-threatening dark screens.

See our laser cinema projectors

There’s a choice of laser projection solutions to suit every cinema operator. You’ll enjoy spectacular true 4K image quality with industry-leading 10,000:1 contrast, easy 3D and minimal maintenance requirements. Ideal for Premium Large Format (PLF) theatres, our high-brightness dual projection system delivers unforgettable cinematic excitement on a truly epic scale.


Dual 4K digital cinema projection system with laser light source for premium large screens

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4K digital cinema projector for small to medium screens.

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