Every angle covered with optional lenses for X Series cameras

A range of optional lenses increases installation possibilities for Sony X Series Full HD minidome camera. In addition to the camera’s supplied wide-angle lens, installers can specify a choice of three lenses that provide a progressively tighter field of view. So now you can pick the perfect lens for wide-area coverage, or to pinpoint specific details in a scene.

Wide-angle single camera coverage

The SNC-XM631 minidome IP camera is suited to a wide range of indoor security and surveillance environments, from banks and retail spaces to schools and colleges. Compact and easy to install, it’s also anti-vandal rated for protection against tampering or deliberate damage.

The camera’s supplied fixed focal lens provides a horizontal viewing angle of 113 degrees. Capturing a broad field of view, this is ideal when the SNC-XM631 is used for single-camera monitoring of spaces like offices or retail stores.

Pick the perfect lens for multi-camera applications In most environments, however, multiple cameras are used to cover different parts of the scene – like display shelves, showcases and service desks in a busy shop. Here, a choice of optional lenses for the SNC-XM631 allows the installer to specify each camera’s field of view so nothing’s missed.

The three optional lenses enable the camera to cover a horizontal viewing angle of 83 degrees (SNCA-L038MF), 51 degrees (SNCA-L060MF) or 25 degrees (SNCA-L120MF). The narrowest of these (25 degrees) is ideal for detail-packed close-ups of particular areas of interest, like a cashier’s station where money is continually changing hands.

Also compatible with all current SNC-XM models – including the SNC-XM632, XM636, and XM637 – these optional lenses offer installers extra versatility indoors, outside and in mobile applications.

For even greater installation flexibility, X Series cameras feature an e-Varifocal function that boosts effective zoom range electronically without sacrificing picture quality at the selected resolution. Combined with the choice of optional lenses, this allows cost-effective multi-camera coverage in virtually any situation – with no dead spots or unnecessary overlap between cameras.

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