Multi-platform production and delivery solutions

Increase audience engagement while improving efficiencies

Are you looking for multi-platform production and delivery solutions?

Media organisations are looking for ways to increase audience engagement while improving efficiencies. And they need to connect teams to work more collaboratively – creating, managing and delivering content while supporting localisation and versioning control for international and multi-region delivery.

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Cloud-based acquisition

Reach viewers wherever they are – over the air, on the web, on mobile or social. Beat the competition and be the first to air in an era when anyone with a smartphone can break news, with high-quality live broadcasting. And enjoy maximum quality, while reducing costs.

Services: C3 Portal | Ci | Virtual Production

Integrated news and sports production

Journalists get more freedom to create stories wherever they are, more quickly, more flexibly and with more creative production via web apps, toolsets, leading third-party integration and social media interfaces. You can also achieve more reliability with rapid prototyping capabilities and a cloud-native news production system.

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Live production

Leverage the cloud to control live streaming and easily send assignments to the field, manage files and edit storyboards. For every type of live production customer, on any scale and for any budget – driven by innovative workflows.

OTT services for distribution and e-Commerce solutions

Deliver a richer, deeper more authentic relationship with your customers, with secure streaming and a customised user experience. Grow revenue with advertising, subscriptions and eCommerce innovations, and deploy cloud to enable access to your content from anywhere, in any way.

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Automate cloud processing

Do more with less and automate workflows to make content searches as easy as web searches, and align billing with your actual usage – down to the individual project – with scalable cloud media services. Streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as archiving assets or transcoding and distributing content, with a dedicated CMS to manage assets, available airtime and distribution via automated workflows. Get advanced workflows without needing the skills of a software engineer. Just drag and drop to build, test and deploy workflows in hours – not days or weeks. And orchestrate media workflows at scale, with the first 100% cloud-based video distribution service delivering to platforms on behalf of content owners and broadcasters globally, and get process automation and visibility at every stage.

Services: Media Backbone NavigatorX | Ci

Monetise through advertising subscriptions and eCommerce innovations

Build a richer, deeper, more authentically connected relationships with your customers and monetise content as never before. Distribute content to over 1,200 endpoints in multiple languages, with subscription management, content and aggregation management, asset ingest and management, encoding and content preparation, metadata management, localisation of all forms of content and available airtime management.

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