Cinematography Events

Learn about the latest on Sony Cinematography in a city near you or join a webinar from the comfort of your home.
CineAlta Club | DMPC Pinewood
Elite one-to-one or production crew training, in-person or online with monthly 2-hour sessions devoted to the very latest in cinematography workflows, including VENICE and VENICE 2. Sessions are online or (when allowed) in-person at Sony’s DMPC facility at Pinewood Studios, UK. Book your session now.
IBC 2022 | 9-12th September, Amsterdam
We’re delighted to be back at IBC. Join us to find out how we can help you tackle your everyday production challenges. Visit us in person at Hall 13 or online.
cineCongress | 16th September, Munich
Come and join us for the latest news at this cinematography event. We will showcasing our latest products, including VENICE 2. Don't miss the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and be the first to see.
On-Set Workflows with Sony VENICE 2 and Pomfort Livegrade | Webinar
Sony product expert Sebastian Leske and Pomfort product manager Wanja Nolte reveal how to streamline your on-set workflows with Sony VENICE 2 and Pomfort Livegrade.
VENICE 2 with DoP Maher Maleh | Webinar | German-language with English subtitles
DoP Maher Maleh and Sony CineAlta Product Manager Sebastian Leske discuss Maher’s experiences shooting with VENICE and VENICE 2, plus share tips and tricks for shooting with these cameras, as well as exploring all the new features of VENICE 2.
VENICE 2 with DoP Forest Finbow | Webinar | French-language with English subtitles
DoP Forest Finbow reveals his experiences shooting with VENICE and VENICE 2. He also shares his tips and tricks for shooting with these cameras, as well as exploring all the new features of VENICE 2.
Celebrating female cinematographers on International Women’s Day | Webinar
Watch this exclusive webinar with talented Directors of Photography Christine A. Maier BVK, Simona Susnea, Alice Brooks ASC, Maura Morales Bergmann ACC, IMAGO and camera operator Kat Spencer Associate ACO. Moderated by Zoe Mutter, from British Cinematographer Magazine, this webinar will give you an insight into gender equality in the cinematography industry and the opportunity to hear the panellists’ inspiring stories, followed by Q&A.
VENICE 2 launch at EnergaCAMERIMAGE
See for yourself the full VENICE 2 launch event where we unveiled the new camera, revealing its exciting new features and explored what they mean in transforming Cinematography for DoPs everywhere. Renowned DoPs Rob Hardy BSC, ASC and Robert McLachlan ASC, CSC discuss their experiences shooting with VENICE 2.
Shooting Silence of the Tides with VENICE I Webinar
DP Dick Harrewijn shares his experience of shooting Silence of the Tides with VENICE. The award-winning documentary uses the pure cinematic power of imagery and sounds to give viewers the most immersive experience of the largest tidal wetlands in the world.
Best Practice HDR for HETV | Webinar
A practical one-hour panel discussion followed by a Q&A exploring the latest streamer expectations and best practice to deliver HDR HETV from prep through on set, editorial, VFX and in post. 4K HDR is an increasingly common streamer requirement and delivers beautiful, vivid and immersive images but can be very unforgiving and requires the judicious use of technology, careful planning and workflow management working back from the deliverables. The assembled panel of experts all have extensive HETV experience and between them have an impressive HETV drama (and theatrical) credit list where they have been directly responsible for defining workflows and protocols.
Sony DWX Series and Location Sound Recording | Webinar
In our first webinar on Pro Audio sound recording watch our expert session with Jon Tatooles from Sound Devices, Sam North from Karno Sound and Product Specialist Markus Warlich from Sony and discover more about the new Super Slot compatible receiver in our DWX Digital Series and collaboration with Sound Devices.
Get ready to shoot with Sony VENICE – RAW viewer | Webinar
RAW Viewer, a free app from Sony, is immensely useful - especially for VENICE users. You can view native X-OCN recordings, apply LUT’s, view the entire camera metadata and create ART files. This workshop provides a deeper understanding of using ART files as a way of dramatically improving the quality of on-set monitoring with VENICE, and how to use RAW viewer for assessing picture quality.