Accenture takes visual communications to the next level with Crystal LED

May 16, 2022

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Accenture required cutting-edge large display solution to replace existing LCD screens
  • Flexible display solution needed to satisfy wide range of applications, including executive meetings, demonstrations and information for visitors

The Solution

  • Total of three Sony Crystal LED large scale display systems installed at Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo (AIT) and at Akasaka Intercity AIR (AIR)

The Outcome

  • Staff and clients enjoy spectacular large-scale visuals with immersive picture quality, high contrast and wide viewing angle
  • ‘Bezel free’ design ensures no gaps between display panels for totally seamless images

Consulting and IT services leader seeks cutting-edge display solution

As the world’s largest comprehensive consulting and IT service company, Accenture offers a wide range of services and solutions that drive innovation for leading enterprises and public organisation clients worldwide.

Accenture had explored options for updating large LCD screens at two of its sites in Japan with a state-of-the-art display solution. Their requirements soon led them to evaluate Crystal LED – Sony’s scalable LED wall display system that combines spectacular high definition image quality with exceptional installation flexibility.

Shot of Mr. Makoto Kanda

Infrastructure Services for Accenture (IT Department)

Mr. Makoto Kanda

Shot of Mr. Takuya Kosaka

Infrastructure Services for Accenture (IT Department)

Mr. Takuya Kosaka

Side shot of large display Sony Crystal LED

Exceptional picture quality plus installation flexibility

“Crystal LED has excellent contrast properties, which was striking from the moment we first saw it”, notes a representative from the Infrastructure Services for Accenture (IT Department). “With this quality, we believed that Crystal LED could accommodate an extensive range of applications – including, of course, visual content. We therefore decided to install Crystal LED at two centres, with one unit in Akasaka Intercity AIR (‘AIR’) and two units in the Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo (‘AIT’).

“As the replacement for an existing display system, we had to use the same installation space ‘as is’, as far as possible. We also had a limited time to work in – this was another consideration that encouraged us to adopt Crystal LED. The system is also very easy to maintain.”

Impressive clarity in every environment

Accenture’s use of the scalable display differs at the two locations where it’s installed: “In the boardroom at AIR, Crystal LED is primarily used for executive meetings as well as presentations and demonstrations for invited clients. Here the top priority is providing clear, highly visible materials. Crystal LED satisfies this with its bezel-free construction, with no visible seams between each display module that ensures an easy-to-read display with no breaks in visual content and text.”

Meanwhile the first of two units at AIT is installed in the building’s open collaboration area that’s used for press conferences as well as other in-house and external events. In this environment the 4.26m x 2.39m display allows content to be seen clearly from a distance, and from any angle without being compromised by the brightness of the lighting.

Measuring 4.86m x 1.37m, the other display is installed in the AIT boardroom. In this environment it’s often used by motion graphics creators who value the detail-packed picture quality, contrast and accurate colour reproduction that Crystal LED delivers.

Front shot of large display Sony Crystal LED
Bezel free design display in a meeting room

Photorealistic images that conventional screens can’t match

“People who have witnessed Crystal LED comment favourably that its completely bezel-free design makes the display look exactly like a photograph or three-dimensional object” notes an Infrastructure Services for Accenture (IT Department) representative. “Once you’ve seen the high-luminance, high-contrast large screen of Crystal LED, you may not be able to go back to conventional LCD panel large-screen displays.”

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