Sony cameras enable remote customer inspection for Emerson

December 15, 2021

How we helped

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The Challenge

  • Emerson wished to overcome challenges of coronavirus crisis with remote flow meter inspection service
  • Needed to show customers fine details of calibration process from remote location
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The Solution

  • Sony SRG Series PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras, controlled remotely by Emerson personnel
  • Images shown on BRAVIA 4K professional displays and streamed to customers
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The Outcome

  • High resolution images of inspection process allow customers to view precise details of flow meter calibration remotely
  • Eliminates time and expense of on-site visits for customers

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We have already performed a number of remote inspections with customers and to date the reactions have been very positive about the set up and how we can offer this remotely. This is therefore indirectly a big compliment for the system RDJ AV has supplied.

Quality Manager,
Emerson Ede

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Connecting with customers in new ways

Emerson Automation Solutions is a leading provider of products and solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. As a manufacturer of flow metering systems, Emerson conducts calibration and testing of these devices prior to shipping from it facility in Ede, central Netherlands to customers worldwide.

Meter calibration and inspection has traditionally been performed with the customer physically present to observe and validate the process. However due to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Emerson has developed a remote inspection service that allows customers around the world to see the product being calibrated in real time.

Image sowing the remote inspection service in action, with a remote controller being used to control the cameras whilst as the same time being streamed to the customer.
Image showing an SRG-X400 mounted within the factory.

Showing every detail of inspection process with 4K clarity

The innovative solution introduced by Emerson makes use of Sony SRG Series remote PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras, allowing flow meter customers to observe details of the calibration process and give approval from their own location.

Live video streams from the cameras are monitored by Emerson personnel, who can use a touchscreen controller to zoom in as needed to see close-up details with razor-sharp clarity. Images are then streamed to customers around the world via live videoconferencing link, with an Emerson representative giving an explanation of the calibration process.

The remote solution has helped Emerson overcome the challenges of product inspection during the coronavirus crisis. As well as reducing the need for face-to-face contact, it has also saved hours of travel time and associated costs for its customers.