The Office of the Future White Paper

In the years since the pandemic, trends around preferred working environments have fluctuated as both employees and businesses have struggled to find a new equilibrium. Sony’s research reveals that, despite flexible working now being the norm, businesses are still struggling to meet workers’ needs and provide the right technology to enable their productivity.

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Co-working vs. owned office space

A few years ago office trends saw many companies changing the way they operate by opting to use co-working spaces and hot desking environments that answered to the needs of collaborative employees. While that suited the 5-day-a-week office goers of pre-Covid times, its appropriateness for todays’ workforce is uncertain.

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82% of Europeans call for improvements to company office with just 3% wanting fully remote work

Office vs. flexibility

There is still a growing demand for complete flexibility over where people work at any time, so the asynchronous way of working is here to stay. 92% of business leaders enable asynchronous work patterns within their organizations affirming that when executed effectively, this way of working can enhance productivity, mental health, work-life balance as well as decrease stress levels.

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of CEOs and business leaders across Europe still plan to incorporate co-working spaces in future office spaces.

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looking to increase their owned office spaces in the future with the right technology set up.

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The offices of the future

“From our latest study, it’s clear that people value going into their company offices and still want to do so when they can. With the constantly evolving working world, the offices of the future need to utilise technology to adapt to these changes, but it’s not enough to just offer the option of an office, the space and its tech need to be designed specifically for todays’ working habits to support and encourage productive, collaborative, successful and happy employees.”

Adam Dover, Senior Trade Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Displays and Solutions

Adam Dover, Senior Trade Marketing Manager at Sony

Solutions to empower every team member

Sony offers easy to use, scalable workplace products and solutions that help organisations optimise their workspaces and unlock the potential of every team member. TEOS is our suite of workplace management tools that helps staff communicate, meet and collaborate, saving time and making efficient use of corporate resources. BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays are the perfect partner for TEOS, delivering superlatively bright, vibrant 4K HDR images together with business-focused features and flexible integration options.


Flexible, easy to use workplace management solutions.

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4K HDR professional displays with screens from 32” to 100”.

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Crystal LED

Create extraordinary visual experiences of any size and scale.

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Professional Projectors

Treat viewers to room-filling visual experiences that have to be seen to be believed.

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