TEOS drives smarter workplaces at Hargreaves Lansdown

November 10, 2021

How we helped

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The Challenge

  • HL Tech’s innovative new development centre in Warsaw required efficient management of display devices and digital signage around the building
  • HL Tech also required a streamlined bookings system for conference rooms
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The Solution

  • Manage for TEOS workplace solution controls networked display devices including 27 BRAVIA Professional Displays and a VPL-PHZ10 Laser Projector
  • Meeting room reservations handled by Manage for TEOS and Book for TEOS
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The Outcome

  • Staff and visitors guided by colourful, regularly updated signage in public areas and meeting rooms
  • Centralised control and scheduling reduces energy bills and identifies device issues remotely
  • Efficient meeting room bookings optimise use of building resources

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Man interacting with a touch-screen professional display, displaying office information driven by TEOS.


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Manage for TEOS met our requirements: we appreciated its functionality, design and price/performance ratio. As a deciding factor, the system is continuously being developed and we can count on full support from Sony.

Wojciech Krawczyk, IT Specialist, HL Tech

Innovation in private investment

UK based private investment Hargreaves Lansdown has provided high quality services to its clients for over 35 years. Opened early in 2018, HL Tech is an innovative new technology centre based in Warsaw’s award-winning Spire building. Cutting-edge IT development capabilities at the centre boost Hargreaves Lansdown’s ability to improve services to its international clients and grow as a business.

Interior of Hargreaves Lansdown's trendy, modern office. A meeting room is visible.
A meeting room at Hargreaves Lansdown, with a Sony BRAVIA Professional Display visible in the background.

Manage for TEOS powers smarter communications

HL Tech offers a uniquely innovative working environment where teams can develop secure, state-of-the-art software solutions to facilitate the company’s financial operations. Control of display devices, digital signage and meeting room booking is orchestrated by Manage for TEOS, Sony’s complete workplace management solution.

Running on a central server, Manage for TEOS controls networked display devices around the building including 27 BRAVIA Professional Displays and a Sony VPL-PHZ10 laser projector. Devices can be remotely scheduled to switch on or off automatically, helping HL Tech save on energy costs when displays are not in use. Other functions such as adjusting audio volume levels can also be managed centrally.

The right content, on the right screen, at the right time

Manage for TEOS also oversees the distribution of digital content to screens at scheduled times. This digital signage solution at HL Tech is provided by two 49” BRAVIA Professional Displays located in reception areas, plus a further twelve 55″ screens in corridors. The bar area is brought to life with colourful, regularly updated signage on two 49” and three 55″ BRAVIA displays.

Book for TEOS takes care of centralised bookings for conference rooms, avoiding double bookings and making better use of meeting room resources. Integrated with Microsoft Exchange and running on seven Android tablets*, the solution allows staff to make room reservations via an intuitive touchscreen interface outside each room. Coloured illuminators offer instant confirmation of each meeting room’s status, and meeting agendas can be shown on the customisable display.

Desks at Hargreaves Lansdown's office.
A meeting room at Hargreaves Lansdown, with two Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays visible in the background.

Intuitive control and management

Manage for TEOS offers intuitive control and management of networked devices and content from a single dashboard-style web interface. Accessed securely from anywhere on the network, Manage for TEOS is freely scalable, allowing the easy addition of further devices as needed.

“We specialise in implementing ambitious projects,” says Michał Gaj, Implementation Director, AV SMART Sp. z o.o. “At HL Tech, we had to combine numerous areas when deploying Manage for TEOS: room booking system, device management and content display management in combination with professional displays. Integrating the TEOS platform with HL Tech’s IT systems and bringing it in line with high security standards involved many hours of liaison with IT teams on a local and global level. All of this required not only knowledge and experience, but also trust. We could count on Sony’s full support.”

*Tablets for TEOS are third-party products not manufactured by Sony

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