Suzuki drives the message home with Sony digital signage

October 1, 2021

How we helped

Challenge icon.

The Challenge

  • Motorcycle manufacturer needed to refresh signage in French retail stores
  • Slow, manual content updates could not keep up with rapidly changing customer offers
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The Solution

  • Complete Sony solution simplifies management and distribution of digital signage content
  • BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays in all stores
  • Content scheduling and distribution via Digital Signage for TEOS solution
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The Outcome

  • Faster, simpler content updates in every store under centralised control
  • Impressive 4K image quality attracts customers
  • Single-vendor solution standardised across all Suzuki motorcycle stores in France

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We drastically needed to improve our old signage solution. We approached Sony with a bold request: to make the process easier – both in stores and for the AV team at our headquarters

Julien Garcia
Head of Marketing, Suzuki France

Vehicle manufacturer refreshes its message

Suzuki has enlisted the help of Sony to help modernise its visual communications at over 100 motorcycle stores across France.

The international vehicle manufacturer faced the challenge of updating its inflexible, unintuitive digital signage infrastructure. “We drastically needed to improve our old signage solution” notes Julien Garcia, Head of Marketing at Suzuki France. “It was made up of basic flat panel screens, with content being manually updated using USB sticks. While functional, the outdated sticks didn’t allow for instant communication, and in some cases were easily stolen.”
“We approached Sony with a bold request” states Julien: “to make the process easier – both in stores and for the AV team at our headquarters”.

Image showing the interior of the Suzuki motorcycle showroom, with a BRAVIA display set up for digital signage.
Image showing the interior of the Suzuki motorcycle showroom, with a BRAVIA display set up for digital signage.

Faster, more flexible AV communications

The challenge facing Suzuki was a common one. Having outgrown their existing infrastructure, they needed an intuitive AV solution that could scale with their business, enabling simplified collaborative working while optimising operational process.

In particular, Suzuki needed to clearly communicate rapidly-changing offers to store visitors – a requirement the previous manually-updated system just couldn’t keep up with. The manufacturer’s checklist for an improved signage solution also featured:

  • Central management from headquarters for content creation and scheduling in each store
  • Easy to use, even without training
  • Automatic power on/off at scheduled times
  • Easy roll-out across multiple sites
  • Customisation to meet stores’ individual needs

Bringing in-store promotions to life with 4K detail

Already installed in 106 of Suzuki’s motorcycle stores across France – with deployment in all 180 stores expected soon – the solution features a BRAVIA 4K Professional Display together with Sony’s easy-to-use Digital Signage for TEOS solution.

Each slim, stylish BRAVIA display shows customers information on products and promotions, offering stunning images bursting with 4K detail, high contrast and rich, vivid colours. Instant updates are easy with Digital Signage for TEOS that simplifies the creation, distribution and management of new content to multiple networked BRAVIA displays across the country.

Side-by-side images of a motorcyclist, representing the difference in quality between 4K and HD displays.
Image showing the interior of the Suzuki motorcycle showroom, with a close-up on one of the bikes.

A complete, cost effective solution

Suzuki discovered that Sony was able to offer a cost-effective one-stop solution to meet all of its AV requirements, without needing to use multiple vendors. Sony’s TEOS solution stood out from the competition due to its cloud compatibility and value for money, with no need for costly set-top box player hardware in each store. Additionally, the provision of displays and supporting software from a single vendor reduced the risk of potentially costly incompatibility issues.

Easy installation, fuss-free operation

Feedback from HQ and the stores has been excellent, with no reported delays or operational issues. The team has been so impressed that they’ve already made the solution mandatory for all Suzuki motorcycle stores across France.

“The entire installation process was very easy: the only requirement for each store was to connect their BRAVIA Professional Display to the internet through a wired or wi-fi connection” comments Julien Garcia. “Back in HQ, our designers love the TEOS solution as they can connect quickly and easily through the web access using an ID and password. Then they can create, schedule and share content to stores with a user-friendly interface.”

Image showing the interior of the Suzuki motorcycle showroom.