TEOS enables a smarter workspace at Siemens Portugal

November 1, 2021

How we helped

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The Challenge

  • Increasing number of AV devices created extra complexity in connection and management
  • Lack of effective digital signage caused delays in staff and visitors finding meeting rooms
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The Solution

  • Manage for TEOS orchestrates delivery of digital signage and connection of AV devices
  • Signage shown on BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays
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The Outcome

  • Seamless AV experience for employees and visitors
  • Centralised control over equipment gives improvement in workplace efficiency
  • Futureproofed solution with capacity for future growth

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Before we started using Manage for TEOS, we had no centralised control over our workplace equipment and were losing valuable time due to device issues. With a seamless way to manage our devices, we can focus on what really matters: driving real value for our people, partners and customers.

Carlos Cagica
IT and Innovation Manager, Siemens Portugal

Creating a smarter workplace

One of the largest manufacturing companies in Europe, Siemens has selected Sony’s advanced corporate AV solutions to create the smart workplace of the future at its Portuguese headquarters. Reflecting the trend to an increasing number of connected AV devices, Siemens required a solution that allowed effective management of digital signage and other audio-visual devices from a single central hub. “We had no centralised control over our workplace equipment, and were losing valuable time due to device issues” notes Carlos Cagica, IT and Innovation Manager at Siemens Portugal. “Without proper signage, it also took far too long for people to find the rooms they were supposed to be in, resulting in additional delays.”

TEOS for Siemens
TEOS for Siemens

Simpler, centralised AV management

Sony’s Manage for TEOS workspace management solution is combined at Siemens’ Portuguese headquarters with BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays and laser projectors to provide a seamless AV experience for employees and visitors. Signage is displayed on slim, energy-efficient BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays that grab viewers’ attention with bright, richly-detailed imagery. Sony’s VPL-GTZ1 ultra-short throw laser light source projector in the lobby welcomes visitors and employees with colourful high-contrast visuals. In addition, tablets* are used by Siemens staff to facilitate room bookings, support meeting space management and enable digital signage applications.

Compatibility with all display devices

Connected to TEOS Player*, all AV display devices can make use of the full suite of TEOS workplace solutions including the ability to show digital signage with Manage for TEOS. This versatility enables Siemens to fully connect its workspace, and allow digital signage to be shown from projectors and any non-compatible display devices.

AV display for Siemen
TEOS for Siemens

Driving value for staff and visitors

“With a seamless way to manage our devices, now we can focus on what really matters: driving real value for our people, partners and customers” observes Carlos Cagica. “We trust in Sony to deliver on quality, which is why we have selected their AV solutions to underpin our HQ. Manage for TEOS is making a big difference in how we engage with staff and visitors. It’s very easy to use and although it offers everything we could possibly need for now, I expect it will grow with us.”

*TEP-X96 and Tablets for TEOS are third-party products for TEOS, not manufactured by Sony