M2 Live Cloud Switcher

“Multipoint-to-Multipoint Live” Smart Live Production on the Cloud

Remote and efficient live productions

Manage and control broadcast productions quickly, easily and efficiently for news, sports and live events, from any location. Our cloud-based switcher lets producers handle everything from live video switching to audio mixing, graphics and captions—all without OB vehicles or a physical desk. Work efficiently, engage audiences, and lower costs with M2 Live.

M2L Version 1.2 is now Live! V1.2 offers some significant enhancements including:

  • Role-based user interface
  • ISO recording
  • 3 channel instant replay

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Scene Operation

In live production where the image composition changes from moment to moment, by preconfiguring the required compositions in advance and saving each as a new scene,  simply recalling the scenes can instantly and efficiently create highly sophisticated production effects.

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A rugby player jumping in the air to catch the ball

Audio Commentary

The audio commentary capability enables audio to be added to a production output even when there is no commentator on site at the event.  For example, this makes it possible to add different live commentaries in languages that are not available at the event, not only enabling domestic consumers but also for overseas distribution.

Automated Highlight Option

In sports broadcasts, highlight videos are often used at half time, during or at the end of a match. By analyzing live video streams with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine you can automatically create highlights without the need for additional manual operations, saving time and money. By posting highlight clips easily to social media during the match, you can draw more viewers to watch the live stream.

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How can we use M2 Live cloud switcher to manage live event productions?

Give your producers everything they need to orchestrate live coverage from almost anywhere. M2 Live makes multi-camera production simple, supporting up to 6 cameras and 2 clip players. Upstream keyers provide creative options, while downstream keyers add the touches that make your brand stand out. And producers always have a clear view of live feeds, with video return for low latency*. 

*  Future support feature

Use resources efficiently with remote production

Make each project more efficient, as producers manage production remotely—from HQ or any other location you choose. Now that you don’t need to ship physical switchers to every event, you can reduce logistics costs and work with a smaller crew. You can even live stream reliable signals directly from Sony cameras, thanks to built-in QoS technology—or from any camera that supports RTMP or SRT protocols.

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Make the most of your time, team and budget

Control your costs, project by project. Thanks to its SaaS model, you only pay when you’re actively using M2 Live, replacing up-front CAPEX with OPEX that matches your actual usage. Remote production lets you cut travel costs and time spent on the road or in the air for your producers. And without that travel time, producers can work on more productions, allowing your team to do great work more often.

Simple set-up and operation with minimal equipment

Run shows with just a web browser and a dependable internet connection. M2 Live was designed for the low latency connections needed for professional live productions. An intuitive GUI makes the software user friendly and familiar, drawing on years of experience in designing live switchers. And with easy set-up and minimal deployment time, moving across to M2 Live is fast and smooth.

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