Sony and Kramer empower teachers

We’ve joined forces with AV experts Kramer to create a unique one-touch solution that lets busy lecturers instantly configure their environment to suit every teaching need – thanks to the power of Sony’s award-winning Edge Analytics Appliance.

Lightening the load on busy teachers

Teaching staff today have got plenty to think about. And the last thing they need at the start of a lecture is fiddling with projectors, screens, cameras, recording devices, audio equipment and room lights to suit their teaching style and presentation needs. With audio visual experts Kramer we’ve created a wonderfully intuitive solution that lets presenters configure all their devices at a single touch – and seamlessly deliver immersive, personalised educational experiences that students love.

Unique one-touch solution

At the heart of our new teaching solution is Sony’s award winning REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance. Harnessing cutting-edge AI and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, it can directly control PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras in a lecture theatre or seminar room to create polished, high-quality video content without specialist production staff. Along with other room devices, the REA C1000 can be instantly configured by the lecturer via an intuitive touch panel to suit a wide range of teaching and presentation scenarios.

Live handwriting extraction

Touch the room controller and the system’s instantly configured to automatically recognise and extract the teacher’s handwritten words and sketches that are displayed on a separate screen. Eveything’s clear and easy to read, even when the teacher’s body is obstructing their students’ view of the whiteboard. Extracted handwriting can also be recorded or streamed to a remote audience.

Keep pace with your presentation style

Some presenters just can’t keep still. With one touch of the controller PTZ cameras are instructed to automatically track the lecturer as they move around the room, ensuring accurately-framed, crisply focused footage that keeps pace with their movements.

Deliver even more powerful teaching experiences

Our Edge Analytics Appliance acts like a virtual camera operator, harnessing the power of AI and Augmented Reality to create more sophisticated new shooting opportunities for face-to-face, remote or hybrid teaching applications.

One camera, two images

A portion of the main camera image – like a close-up view of the teacher – can be shown simultaneously with the whole image on two displays.

Pro-style backdrops

It’s easy to generate sophisticated video backdrops behind the presenter in real time without costly, complex ‘green screen’ techniques.

Involve your audience

The camera can instantly react when someone stands up to ask a question or make a point, zooming in to capture the student’s words and gestures.

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