The state of learning: read our new report

September 8, 2023

The higher education landscape is always evolving. In the wake of the pandemic universities continue to move towards hybrid pedagogies, embracing flexible and inclusive new ways of blending face-to-face and online teaching. Download our new report and find out about the latest HyFlex trends that are shaping the European learning landscape – today and tomorrow.

Read our new report on the state of learning

The rise of HyFlex learning

Many believe that HyFlex promises more personalised learning experiences and the ability to cater for students’ diverse needs without limitations of physical location or time constraints. As our new report indicates, however, the HyFlex model also presents challenges for universities, including choosing the right equipment and managing technical requirements effectively.

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There’s still work to be done in ensuring Europe’s higher education institutions can meet growing demand for the HyFlex learning model. With the right technology and proper prioritisation, there are real and tangible benefits that could be reaped from offering this blended learning experience.

Alexandra Parlour, European Marcoms & Education Segment Marketing Manager
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Preparing for HyFlex: a gap between demand and preparedness

Students and teachers across Europe are broadly supportive of HyFlex learning – but more than two thirds of institutions don’t have the technology to support it. Our state of learning report reveals a chasm between growing demand and a lack of preparedness for the adoption of HyFlex models across Europe. And while 71% of students and teachers are positive about HyFlex, 67% of audio visual (AV) professionals in higher education institutions say that technological improvement is needed before its benefits can be fully implemented and enjoyed in higher education institutions.

of students and teachers feel positive about HyFlex learning

Green and grey circle on white with 71% in the middle

of institutions need to improve their technology before rolling it out

Green and grey circle on white with 67% in the middle

Addressing the barriers

Over half (51%) of AV professionals in Europe say that a lack of understanding from teachers in how to use the required technology to enable HyFlex is a big barrier to implementation… and 35% of teachers agree with them. As our report indicates, there’s a clear requirement for more user-friendly solutions that enable students to reap the benefits of HyFlex learning with easy, intuitive tech.

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Enhancing students’ experience

The future of HyFlex looks very promising indeed, with 62% of European students claiming that this model benefits their learning experience overall. Read our new report and discover more about students’ perceptions about the expected benefits of HyFlex learning – from widening the choice of courses that suit their lifestyles to helping them study more productively.

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