Kyoto City Board of Education enhances teaching and learning with BRAVIA professional displays

August 4, 2023

Large, bright screens increase students’ enthusiasm, engagement and collaboration.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • Kyoto City Board of Education required large display solution to complement ‘one device per student’ classroom teaching policy
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The Solution

  • BRAVIA 4K professional displays installed in classrooms at elementary, middle and special needs schools
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The Outcome

  • BRAVIA Chromecast and AirPlay functions allow wireless screen mirroring from students’ and teachers’ PCs and handheld devices
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Teachers were amazed at the clear images and the high degree of realism.

Yuta Abe, Kyoto City Board of Education, Assistant Manager, General Affairs Department School Office Support Office

Championing the value of ICT in education

As long ago as 2009, Kyoto City Board of Education introduced large digital TVs and electronic boards to classrooms in elementary, junior high, and special needs schools. Since then the city has continued to pursue its advanced strategy for integrating ICT in education.

As part of its move towards distance learning during the coronovirus pandemic, the Board introduced laptop PCs and iPads as part of its ‘one device per student’ policy. This strategy has been complemented by the introduction of BRAVIA 4K professional displays that have impressed teachers with their exceptionally clear, immersive image quality.

Teacher using BRAVIA display screen to present information

Increasing students’ motivation

“I was surprised that BRAVIA was thinner and larger than our existing displays, and the screen was brighter” states Masumi Kataoka, vice-principal of Municipal Hachijo Junior High School in Minami Ward, Kyoto City. “With the new displays students’ desire to participate in classes and their motivation to learn is increasing”.

“BRAVIA’s cast function allows you to wirelessly transfer the screens of teachers and students’ terminals to the large display” notes Hidetoshi Ogata, a teacher at Kyoto Municipal Hachijo Junior High School. “We’re using this function more and more, such as for exchanging information in workshops.”

Students interaction with display screen learning

Giving more freedom in every classroom

Teaching staff confim that letting students share their thoughts on the big screens gives them a greater sense of self-esteem, encouraging them to become more active in their studies. “The introduction of ICT equipment enables us to present the opinions of students who were previously unable to speak out actively on a large screen” says Mr. Ogata. This makes it possible for us to grasp everyone’s opinions”. He is also enthusiastic about BRAVIA’s cast function that allows screens to be mirrored wirelessly. “If you connect a PC with the large display using a cable, the teacher can’t move around the room. Now I have the freedom to give personal attention to every student.”

BRAVIA display being used in classroom

Large, bright and easy for students to see

“At our school teachers are actively using devices and large displays in many classes” says Mr. Yutaka Hasegawa, Principal of Kyoto Municipal Hachijo Junior High School. “Sony’s BRAVIA screens are large, bright and easy to see, so that students sitting in the back of the classroom are able to concentrate better. They’re also used not only for classes, but also for teacher training. Ten junior high schools in Shimogyo, Minami, and Higashiyama wards of Kyoto City – including our own school – jointly hold class workshops every year. Due to the coronavirus crisis, however, they are held remotely using large display devices and web cameras, leading to work style reforms for teachers.”

“The use of ICT in education has various advantages, but the most important thing is to deepen the learning of students” continues Mr. Hasegawa. “In the future, we would like to develop educational activities that support student learning by combining individual devices and large-scale devices.”

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