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Sony at MEDICA 2019

Visitors to this year’s MEDICA event in Düsseldorf experienced the very latest in healthcare innovation from Sony, including our next generation 4K capable NUCLeUS™ smart digital IP platform. We also showcased our latest surgical monitors and solutions that enhance a hospitals’ imaging workflow in Full HD, 4K and HDR.

What was new this year?

Of course, our biggest announcement was next generation NUCLeUS; building on years of experience developing leading-edge systems to streamline healthcare workflows. Visitors were able to see a demonstration of the platform, and experience exactly why hospitals all over the world are making the move.

N.B. The image is a sample of GUI displayed on 3rd party’s touch panel PC

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For an efficient, integrated 4K IP imaging solution

With NUCLeUS, 4K video content can be integrated with metadata acquired from a hospital information system (HIS) to create comprehensive, easily accessible patient records. Visitors learnt how we can make it possible to route multiple high quality image sources up to 4K resolution to any destination with flexible network bandwidth on both fibre and copper. We can deliver this experience without time-consuming reconfiguration of equipment. A 4K workflow could be closer than you think.

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In Focus: 4K HDR 27" surgical monitors

This year MEDICA product highlights included the first-look at our new 32” surgical monitor and demonstrations of our 27″ 4K surgical monitors. Our screens display surgical images from an HDR camera source with a new level of clarity. Visitors experienced a higher level of detail in white/black areas, together with approx. 1.07 billion colours. Surgical images can be displayed with contrasts never before possible on other surgical monitors.


27-inch 4K surgical monitor with Display Port, HDMI, DVI-D and SDI inputs.

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27-inch 4K surgical monitor with Display Port, HDMI, DVI-D input.

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Explore 4K 3D image quality enhancements

At MEDICA this year we showcased our portfolio of 3D products – from surgical monitors displaying immersive 4K 3D resolution, medical recorders documenting 3D procedures and NUCLeUS, our smart digital IP based platform which has the capacity to distribute 3D video throughout the hospital network including content management for secure storage, access and sharing. Learn how our products are designed for use with 3D capable surgical microscopes, endoscopes and surgical robotic systems.

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We provide the widest range of surgical imaging workflow options

HD surgical imaging

Work with more confidence and clarity with our HD imaging, recording and documentation solutions. Contact us for a comprehensive demonstration of all our HD products.

4K surgical imaging

It’s becoming the standard, providing a more detailed picture for surgical teams. Together with our recording and documentation solutions, we can support the entire workflow. Talk to us for more information.

4K 3D surgical imaging

The ultimate visualisation available in modern ORs; providing clearer surgical insights across the whole workflow for all types of laparoscopic, robotic and microscopic procedures. Find out more from our specialists.

Discover the latest insights and innovation in Healthcare

This year we’ve helped change the working lives of healthcare teams across the world. To discover more about our revolutionary technologies, read our case studies, or to simply stay up to date with industry discussion – visit the Insight Hub on our website.

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