Remote health monitoring using wearable platform from Sony

A connected solution for tracking users’ health & wellness

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mSafety is a secure, reliable platform for companies that provide mobile health & wellness services. It combines a user-friendly wearable device that collects and displays data to the user, and a solid back-end solution that provides real time updates to service providers.

A solid basis for value-adding services

mSafety is a fully scalable mobile health and safety platform for B2B customers to build on. Service providers create their own applications, taking advantage of the Sony-renowned quality communication functionality and security mSafety offers.
Customer dashboards support easy fleet management, device onboarding and over-the-air software updates.

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What does the mSafety wearable measure?

The wearable features in-device sensors to monitor physical activity, heart rate, body effort and sleep patterns, as well as GPS for location information. Thanks to a built-in eSIM, it is continuously connected to the Internet without the need for pairing with a mobile phone. It can be also be connected to external sensors, provided by the health service providers.

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A host of benefits for the user

Our mSafety wearable device offers power-efficient long battery life – over 7 days depending on the use case. It is easy to use and purpose-built – displaying only the relevant data when needed.

The wearable also meets the IP68 standards on water resistance and is manufactured according to Sony’s own strict requirements, meaning it works indoors and outside.

The device is also flexible, with no need to pair with a phone and no end user subscription needed.

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Data is easy to interpret and leverage

Data from the mSafety wearable can be combined with data from sensors to deliver relevant, aggregated information and stay on top of the users’ status.

The mSafety B2B offering is tailored for wellness, health and medical use cases. Should medical certification of the customer’s application (built on the mSafety platform) be needed, this is the responsibility of the mSafety customer.

Why Sony for remote health monitoring?

With unrivalled expertise in communication technology and a wealth of experience in managing large fleets of connected devices, we can provide the quality and service our partners expect.

There is an increasing need for more convenient and cost-effective ways to monitor people at risk – be it due to workplace hazards, participation in leisure activities or for health reasons. Health and safety service providers need reliable, scalable solutions to manage the growing demand. Users – and those responsible for their wellbeing – want the security of knowing that someone has got their back. Moreover, end users expect services that are intuitive and easy to use – and that suit their technology comfort level and lifestyle.

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