University of Wales Trinity Saint David selects Vision Exchange

Seeking to fundamentally rethink their teaching and learning programmes, UWTSD turned its vision for future learning into reality with Sony’s Vision Exchange solution.

How we helped

The Challenge

As part of UWTSD’s ambitious plans to keep it at the forefront of the highly competitive Higher Education sector, they wanted to improve both integration with business and industry whilst also improving the educational experience and the university’s appeal to both new and existing students.

The Solution

Sony’s intuitive and scalable Vision Exchange solution, developed in collaboration with UWTSD, was installed by IDNS at the new SA1 campus, and is planned to be rolled out across all campuses. The University also invested in a TEOS Manage device and room management solution to easily manage content on its BRAVIA professional displays and projectors.

The Outcome

Vision Exchange has introduced new resources and active learning options that were previously unavailable. Interaction between lecturers and students has been greatly improved, and participation and collaboration in learning is now much easier, effective and more enjoyable for all.

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Sony shared our vision for the future of education…they showed a firm commitment to truly understanding our challenges, our aspirations and our needs and worked with us to engineer, test and adapt a solution that was designed to meet those.

Executive Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at UWTSD,
Lyndon Shirley

Transformative active learning technology for today and tomorrow

Implementation of Sony’s Vision Exchange active learning solution is a key part of UWTSD’s recently completed strategic investment programme. As well as providing new, contemporary learning capabilities to keep them at the cutting-edge of active learning, the Sony solution enables UWTSD to better differentiate themselves, optimise their appeal and attract the best students and educators in an increasingly competitive Higher Education sector.

A tailored, proven solution

Sony worked in close collaboration with UWTSD to tailor what is now the Vision Exchange solution to the university’s specific needs. Ongoing feedback via an extensive pilot project has ensured that UWTSD students and lecturers now enjoy the latest in technology-enabled, BYOD interactive learning spaces. Simple wireless collaboration and device mirroring enables participation that is also independent of location, further enhancing UWTSD’s distance learning capabilities.

TEOS Manage and BRAVIA professional displays complete the picture

As part of their overall technology transformation, UWTSD also selected Sony’s TEOS Manage device and room management solution. Combined with their range of fully networked BRAVIA professional displays, TEOS Manage enables on-campus screen content and messaging to be tailored to specific requirements and locations, and content can be easily managed, scheduled and monitored from one or more locations.