Live production has changed. Now, live production businesses are changing

April 12, 2022

Transformation begins with total clarity on business objectives, people, costs, problems, and pitfalls. Then processes, workflows and systems are built and refined to meet specific needs. Sony’s IP Live solutions make agile business possible, provided they are specifically fitted to the company. Sony’s world-class production devices and Nevion’s network architecture expertise are strengthened with business-first consultancy that delivers this fit.

IP technology is transformative but it isn’t enough on its own: introducing IP Live solutions for their own sake can be more expensive than SDI by approximately 26%

How is the live production marketplace changing?

Powerful new competitors have entered the market. IT heavyweights are now media giants, and rightsholders can sell media rights at a premium. Competitive businesses are looking to IP technology as the foundation for greater efficiency, to help them survive and thrive. But countless business models exist—from state-funded broadcasters to independent rental businesses, local production companies and global media owners. IP can only deliver on its promise when it’s deployed to address specific business challenges.

More efficient productions and business models, thanks to IP technology

IP technology can unlock smart, efficient, remote production. Handle switching, editing, graphics and production control from your HQ—or any other location you choose. Less on-location hardware means smaller teams, faster set-up, and lower travel and transport costs. Project costs can move from CAPEX to OPEX, and shrink, thanks to cloud-based services and tools that replace hardware.

Viacom CBS adapts its approach for safer, streamlined live projects

Viacom CBS wanted to explore COVID-safe event productions and build new ways of working. Now, our cloud switcher means video, audio and graphics can be controlled via remote interfaces. And because the service runs on pay-as-you-go pricing, Viacom CBS has even clear, more controlled costs. Less physical equipment on site means less time setting set up, lower project costs, and fewer staff on-site—helping to keep the team safe during the pandemic and beyond.

How is consumer behaviour changing live production?

In 2021, the global streaming market was worth an estimated US$ 419bn. It’s expected to reach US$ 932bn by 2028. Thanks to OTT services, consumers expect more content, more choice, flexible consumption and low costs. But while they spend more time online, it’s harder to keep their attention, as gaming and social media pull them away. Ad revenue and spend patterns are far less predictable and dependable as a result.

IP technologies can underpin agile businesses and smarter productions

While on-site teams can be more agile, so can entire businesses. Remote operators and producers are able to work on more projects, across more locations, in one day. OB teams can deploy faster and more easily, in more places. And you can share workflows and resources across projects, avoiding complex, dedicated set-ups for each production and saving money and set-up time.

Discovery Europe shares resources, remotely and intelligently

Discovery Europe wanted to completely change how it works, and become more agile and efficient. Two private clouds now provide storage and processing power for facilities across Europe. Any control room can use these resources, with capacity managed automatically. The system can handle compressed and uncompressed signals, working with a blend of IP and SDI infrastructure. What’s more, working with third parties is simpler too.

Combine specialist consultation with technical expertise for business growth

IP is part of a complete transformation in how a company operates. But every business’s specific needs require a bespoke blend of hardware and virtualised solutions. Hardware can bring unmatched power, capacity and resilience. Cloud technologies provide flexibility, scalability and opportunity for file-based and non-real time workflows. We help companies find the perfect balance between these—for right now and for what they want to achieve in the future.

The future of live production - remote and distributed production

IP technologies don't just mean a new way to think about live production. Download our whitepaper to find out how they enable completely new business models and a vision for the future.

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