Mobile device with motorcycle riders on screen, Sony camcorder, laptop with virtual production interface, and Ipad with motorcyclist on screen with virtual production interface.

Cloud Based Virtual Switcher

Broadcast your sports event, music gigs, festivals and corporate events live – on any platform, to any audience, anywhere and only pay for what you need, when you need it. Cameras, a laptop and an internet connection, is all that’s needed.

Share events. Reach further. Broadcast Live.

Anyone, anywhere, can be in control of live event broadcasting with Sony Virtual Production. Our on-demand service is powered by Amazon Web Services and can deliver your live event to a global audience on multiple platforms. Switch cameras, add captions, control comments, all from your laptop or device.

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Easy set up icon, gear with tick

Easy setup

Stream live events over a normal internet connection, using just a combination of laptop, smart phone, wireless cameras and audio.

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Cost effective

The software as a service, on-demand structure means you only pay for what you use. Working from anywhere also reduces logistics costs and carbon footprint.

Remote production icon, mobile with waves above it

Remote production

Switching cameras and smart phones, audio mixing, and inserting graphics and captions are all performed through the browser interface – no need for OB vans or broadcast uplink services.

Social media icons

Social media integration

Integration of captions with social media feeds and live control of comments leads to better engagement with viewers and a more dynamic production.

Try it now, with a 30 day trial of 5 hours switching time*, for free

  • Turn the switcher on and off at your convenience
  • No credit card required

*Content streamed will be watermarked during trial.

Try it now, with a 30 day trial of 5 hours switching time*, for free.: Virtual production interface, musicians on a stage

Producing virtually on every scale

From webinars to major outdoor events: Virtual Production is helping forward-looking event producers, content creators and broadcasters engage audiences, realise more efficient use of resources and lower costs.

A male seated, looking at 2 monitor screens with his hand on a mouse


Leading online events specialist is delivering Covid-secure customer event with minimal on-site footprint while maintaining quality.

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Matt Okotie giving an interview


Virtual Production has enabled a reduction in on-site crewing and equipment requirements, travel costs and set-up time.

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A large screen hung from the ceiling facing a room with tables and seats and a few people seated

/‘aut/ studio

Digital events staff are producing growing number of webinars and online events from company’s main offices, home or any location.

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The BMW Berlin Marathon

BMW Berlin-Marathon

Virtual Production allowed organisers to integrate user-generated content into live broadcast and boost viewer engagement.

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An open laptop with Virtual Production on the screen


Spanish public broadcaster successfully streamed a socially distanced literary performance to radio and online audiences.

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A Castrol green racing cat at Germany’s touring car master series


Cameras, a laptop and Internet connection replaced trucks full of hardware to cover Germany’s popular touring car masters series.

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Why Virtual Production?

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What's included in Virtual Production?

Camcorder and mobile phone icons

8 sources – 3 Outputs

  • Choice* of 6 inputs + 2 clip players, 7 inputs + 1 clip player or 8 inputs
  • Supports RTP, RTMP, SRT, Sony QoS, Webcam, Screen Sharing
  • Up to 3 simultaneous RTMP Outputs
  • Perfect for YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and Stream

*Free Trial Users gets only 6 sources + 2 clip players as default

Cloud with plus symbols

High Quality Production

  • Single or Multiple Users operations
  • Record PGM and ISO in the cloud
  • Import Contents from the Cloud for instant playback
  • Lightest Professional live streaming set up (No on-site mixer or encoder, less crew)
Monitor and keyboard icon

Professional Live Graphics

  • Professional Live Graphics with integration with graphics
  • Control your overlays directly from within Virtual Production
  • Tweets insertion in graphics
  • 2 Logos with transparency
Man holding microphone icon

External Audio

  • Audio Commentary input – add audio commentary through the browser
  • Remote audio commentary from laptop
Cloud with plus signs

Reliable streaming with Sony technology

  • Full Cloud Native solution
  • Audio/Video Synchronisation
  • Easy and intuitive operations
Headphone icon

Communicate with your production team

  • Intercom functionality – push and hold to talk with “Speak to all” and “Speak to individual” options
  • Intercom/Tally mobile page (currently Android only) – use your mobile phone to access the intercom functionality and get tally feedback direct to your mobile

Guide to costs

Add to your Live Events time. This pricing is for guidance only. The price is determined by Cleverbridge and provided here for reference purposes only. Sign in to see the latest pricing in local currency.

1 hour icon with time logo behind

49 euro

(excl VAT)
For 60 minutes (1 hour)
of switcher use

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5 hour icon with time logo behind

220 euro

(excl VAT)
For 300 minutes (5 hours)
of switcher use
Save 10%*

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20 hour icon with time logo behind

780 euro

(excl VAT)
1200 minutes (20 hours)
of switcher use
Save 20%*

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50 hour icon with time logo behind

1700 euro

(excl VAT)
3000 minutes (50 hours)
of switcher use
Save 30%*

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*From the 1hr allowance price

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Virtual Production training, video explainers and more information

Learn how to connect your cameras, stream live on Facebook, audio mix and other help topics using Virtual Production.
With flexible packages find the right Virtual production plan for your business

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