TV 2 Lorry upgraded to Hive to connect to a younger audience

September 29, 2021

Connecting to a younger audience

The Danish broadcaster TV 2 Lorry is looking to connect to a younger audience and has identified an urgent need to increase their social media ability. Thus, ahead of the Danish municipal elections in November, TV 2 Lorry is switching to Sony’s Media Backbone Hive.

TV 2 Lorry was founded in 1989 and employs approximately 75 people. It is part of TV 2 – regionerne, which consists of eight regional TV stations that produce news and current affairs programs for TV 2/Denmark, but whom are editorially and financially independent from TV 2/Denmark. TV 2 Lorry broadcasts to all 2 million citizens in the capital region, making it the largest of the eight regional TV stations.

TV 2 Lorry and Sony

In 2011, the Danish broadcaster signed a 10-year contract with Sony Professional Europe. The contract is unique in the sense that Sony owns the equipment and, for a monthly fee, is responsible for the system being operational and any maintenance.

“Clearly defined costs and a system that can be easily expanded and upgraded, along with Sony’s long-term committed support, was part of why we chose to go with Sony back in 2011,” says Morten Kjær Petersen, Managing Director at TV 2 Lorry.

The contract, which first included a Sonaps-based solution from Sony, also stated that Sony would make a “technology refresh” five to six years into the contract, and with the Danish elections right around the corner, now was the perfect timing for both parties.

“The technology refresh at TV 2 Lorry, allows them to future proof their operations with cloud native technology without having to learn completely new workflows. Hive enables collaboration across all local workgroups and can be expanded, scaled and provisioned to others when the need arises,” says Roger Stephens, Sony Professional Europe.

According to Morten Kjær Petersen, there is an urgent need to create content that can be published on different platforms, “The rapid change in media habits has made it crucial for us to adapt as a Public service media. We need to be present and able to distribute content on new channels and platforms. To do that, we need a tool that can easily transform our content to match these different platforms. The simple publishing editor that Hive has for social media makes this possible, and at the same time, the system makes a copy of everything published, which is very important for us.”

Connecting with the online audience

Broadcasters across Europe are currently experiencing the same challenge; connecting with a younger and more online audience. Throughout the last decades, broadcast news operations have had to continually adapt, from only having to produce content for radio and TV, to adding websites, and today where they also must produce and publish to an ever increasing number of social media channels.

The award-winning Media Backbone Hive is created for today’s fast-paced content landscape. Media Backbone Hive supports the fast, efficient creation of content for Internet, mobile, social and broadcast applications alike. At the heart of Media Backbone Hive is Sony´s next-generation Hyper Converged Node. Replacing yesterday’s separate ‘silos’ for storage, database and processing resources, each self-contained node wraps multiple applications into a single, highly scalable element. With an increased focus on time and money, Hive allows both time saved in the production phase and, at the same time, delivers a service that is proven to be cost-efficient.

Bringing news process into a single scalable platform

“The way we see it, one of the biggest benefits with Hive is that it is open to all formats. One of our ambitions is to give our audience a voice on all our platforms, and Hive gives us the opportunity to do so with a working system for editing and working with user generated content,” says Petersen. “Also, the workflow between Hive and our Sony cameras make a big difference in the fast-paced world we operate in, and the fact that we can now move editing resources out of the house is a big step for us. The system is very intuitive, and we expect that it would make everyday life across platforms more efficient for our employees at TV 2 Lorry,” says Petersen.

This state-of-the-art platform is built with the modern news production workflows that allow journalists to concentrate on the most important factor of their job, storytelling, by relying on it to seamlessly get their content where it needs to go, as fast as possible. For TV 2 Lorry, this will be the key to becoming more visible on social media and connecting with the younger audience.

“By breaking down the silo systems many broadcasters currently use today, Hive delivers more efficient workflows that enable collaboration, reduce costs and open up opportunities in the way news is produced and delivered” said Stephens.

Hive enables collaboration across all local workgroups and can be expanded, scaled and provisioned to others when the need arises.

Roger Stephens, Sony Professional Europe.

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