Firmware: HXR-NX80 V2.00 (Win + Mac)

  • Version: V2.00
  • Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sony is offering a system firmware update for NXCAM Camcorder “HXR-NX80”

Applicable model

NXCAM Camcorder “HXR-NX80”

Applicable system firmware version

The applicable products are with the system firmware version “Ver.1.02” or earlier.

(Please visit the download page to check the system firmware version installed on your product.)

After updating, the system firmware version will be “Ver.2.00”.

Contents of update

1.      Support for RTMP/RTMPS streaming.

2.      Support for below behavior in password entry screen.

  • The previously entered password is not displayed for security reasons.
  • Characters are displayed as asterisks during password entry.
  • To switch between showing the password, press the DISPLAY button.

*Please use Content Browser Mobile version 3.3.0 or later.

IMPORTANT: Installation of firmware is at owner’s risk – please refer to our terms & conditions for details. Prior to installation always read installation instructions.

Applies to:
Size: 422,322,706 byte
Info: Update_HXRNX80V200.exe Update_HXRNX80V200.exe.md5 Update_HXRNX80V200.dmg Update_HXRNX80V200.dmg.md5 HXR-NX80_V200_Win_Mac_Procedure_manual.pdf Readme.txt *md5_Hash Data:Data to check that the downloaded file is correct. It is not used for updating.
Item: HXR-NX80_V200_manual_E.pdf
Size: 9,655,876byte
Info: Instruction_manual_V200

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