DOLBY 3D GlassesDiscontinued

Re-usable 3D Glasses for viewing with the DOLBY 3D Solution using the SRX-R320P and SRX-R320SP


Colour separation glasses for high quality 3D cinema viewing with DOLBY 3D solution
These re-usable 3D glasses are designed for use with the DOLBY 3D digital cinema solution that employs the Sony SRX-R320SP/P projector and appropriate 3D dual lens solution (available separately).

DOLBY’s proprietary colour separation system delivers a high quality, immersive 3D experience that’s enjoyed by patrons sitting anywhere in the theatre, with no ghosting or other artefacts.

The comfortable, high quality glasses are suitable for wear by adult viewers, and can be converted for children’s viewing with a simple accessory (available separately).

The glasses can be collected by theatre staff at the end of every performance for re-use. An integrated RFID device helps safeguard against the glasses’ accidental loss or theft from cinemas.