IP camera extension adaptor for remote live production (transmitter)


The HDCE-TX30 IP camera extension adaptor reduces the cost and complexity of remote production, simplifying connection of Sony HDC 3500/3100 and HDC-2500/2400/1700 series system cameras to an SMPTE ST 2110 IP network.

Easily carried in a flight case, the compact 1/3 rack width adaptor connects directly to a camera head in the field. Compliant with the SMPTE ST 2110 family of open standards, the HDCE-TX30 transmits signals from the camera head over IP networks to the Camera Control Unit (CCU) sited at a remote production centre.

Support for leading IP intercom vendors including RTS, Clear-Com and Riedel allows producers and directors to communicate in real time with camera operators at a remote venue.

The HDCE-TX30 also simplifies centralised allocation of equipment between multiple studios, control rooms and machine rooms, allowing camera signals to be routed instantly over IP to another part of the facility without needing to re-connect fibre cables.

*1 For more details on the JT-NM Tested program in March 2020 and test results, please go to https://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested.


Cost effective IP upgrade
The HDCE-TX30 IP camera extension adaptor allows broadcasters, OB providers and live production specialists to upgrade to the benefits of IP Live production without needing to replace their current HDC camera investments.
Efficient resource sharing
The HDCE-TX30 allows faster, more cost-effective use of shared production resource across multiple studios and locations. While conventional SDI infrastructures tie one camera to a single CCU by fibre cable, the HDCE-TX30 allows flexible reconfiguration of cameras, CCUs and other live equipment over IP without time-consuming reconnection of cables. This reduces the quantity of live equipment needing to be kept at each site, allowing resources to be shared efficiently.
Power supply to camera and interfaces
The HDCE-TX30 provides power to the camera head and system interfaces including IP Tally and IP Intercom.
4K Upgrade option (DIRECT MODE)
4K IP output is available via an optional software license HZCE-UHD30. The HDCE-TX30 also provides a pathway for IP operation with HDC 3500/3100 and HDC-2500 series optical fiber studio cameras.
HD 4x HFR IP capability(DIRECT MODE)
HD 4x HFR IP output is available with HDC-3500 optical fiber studio camera with optional HZC-QFR50 HD 4x HFR software license.
MENU setting from web browser
The IP HDCE support menu control from web browser. The status monitoring of multiple IP HDCE and CCU, setting file import/export and remote firmware update enhance the efficiency and convenience of the operation.