Digital Cinema Cameras

Full-frame digital cinematography with phenomenal colour science and creative versatility. Capture in almost any format, any aspect ratio, from Super 35 to IMAX. Award-winning Hollywood productions, TV dramas, commercials and independent film makers choose Sony CineAlta.

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VENICE 2 cinema camera

Full-frame digital cinema camera with a choice of 8K and 6K sensors.

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VENICE cinema camera.

Next generation motion picture camera system with full frame sensor.

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BURANO cinema camera

Versatile, lightweight, and compact full-frame 8K cinema camera.

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Extend your creativity

There’s no need for a smaller, lighter B-camera for extreme shooting scenarios. You can shoot everything with one modular camera system.

CBK-3620XS system with VENICE 2

VENICE Extension System 2.

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CBK-3610XS system with VENICE

VENICE Extension System.

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Virtual Production Tool Set

A unique solution from Sony to solve current pain points in virtual production and to support quality of In-Camera VFX.

Monitor with Camera and Display Plugin GUI
Camera and Display Plugin

Design, visualise and refine your virtual production shots.

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Monitor with Color Calibrator GUI
Color Calibrator

Fine tune the colour reproduction for your virtual production.

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