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Meeting room control solution

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Everything at your fingertips
TEOS Remote simplifies control of AV systems and other meeting room devices through your mobile device or an in-room tablet. Download the TEOS Remote app for Android and you’re ready to go. Use your device to control screens and projectors, change audio volume levels, switch room lights on or off and more.

The ideal solution for managing all IP networked devices in the room, TEOS Remote cuts the clutter of extra remote controllers – helping you present a smarter, more professional image. TEOS Remote integrates seamlessly with TEOS Manage (available separately), the complete workspace management solution for corporate environments.


Easy room control from your mobile device
Download the free TEOS Remote app for Android and you're ready to go. It's easy to integrate TEOS Remote with your existing TEOS Manage license.
Fewer cables, less cost
TEOS Remote controls all networked devices in the room – so there’s no need to waste time searching for the right remote controller or pay for extra controllers for the room.
Control at a single touch
Tap your mobile device briefly against a NFC tag or QR code when you enter the meeting room: TEOS Remote is instantly configured to recognise and control all devices in the room.*
*As defined in TEOS Manage