ZTX-M01 (ZTXM01)

DWZ Series digital wireless handheld transmitter


All-metal handheld microphone
The ZTX-M01 is Sony’s original high-quality handheld microphone supplied with the DWZ-M50 2.4GHz vocal set optimised for musicians and bands. The interchangeable capsule design supports a choice of capsules, including Sony’s CU-C31, CU-F31 and CU-F32.


Interchangeable capsule design, with a flexible choice of capsules, including CU-C31, CU-F31 and CU-F32
With the handheld transmitter, you can use the supplied high-quality dynamic cardioid microphone capsule. Alternatively, you can select any of Sony’s DWX Series capsules (the thread pitch is 1.25”/28 (31.3 mm/pitch 1.0 mm threading))*.

*Use of third-party capsules may cause RFI or EMF noise.
Robust metal body
The ZTX-M01 is made of strong durable metal. Metal construction supports reliable use in rough operating conditions.
Easy-to-use operation
The ZTX-M01 features a momentary switch for muting or talk-back applications. In addition, a lock function protects from inadvertent setting changes.
Two AA battery operation
The ZTX-M01 is powered by standard AA batteries to maximise flexibility and mobility.