Sony 4K: Movie theatre quality in your own home

Our beautifully styled 4K Home Cinema projectors are packed with cutting-edge technology that brings movies to life as they’re meant to be seen – just like in your movie theatre. You’ll enjoy true 4K quality for spectacular images.

See the true picture in 4K

At Sony we’ve been at the cutting edge of Digital Cinema for over a decade, since launching the world’s first 4K integrated projection system in 2005. And today you’ll find our cinematic heritage in our Home Cinema projectors that use the same 4K SXRD™ panel technology featured in our professional Digital Cinema projectors that you’ll find in movie theatres all over the world.

When cinema projection went digital, Sony‘s Digital Cinema’s quality was approved by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) in Hollywood, where the requirements for picture quality are set at a very high standard. Right from the start, Sony was the only manufacturer building 4K projectors with 4096×2160 resolution, while others stuck with lower-resolution 2K. This insistence on quality meant that cinemas wanting to screen movies with the highest possible picture quality quickly chose Sony 4K.

4K was just one of Sony’s Digital Cinema innovations. We developed our own unique panel technology, ensuring the highest possible contrast ratio. And that’s crucial in movie theatres, where films are shown in a dark environment.

This 4K SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panel device is what made Sony Digital Cinema projectors very unique, bringing audiences the best possible picture quality in thousands of theatres worldwide. And today, Sony brings these same technologies to our family of 4K SXRD Home Cinema projectors. Now it’s time to enjoy the best picture quality in 4K resolution with the best contrast in your home.

Our 4K Motionflow™ technology reduces blur while maintaining brightness, for smooth and clear motion when viewing 4K content. It’s ideal for fast-moving sports, while the True Theatre mode allows cinema purists to view content at the original 24fps.

4K Home Cinema Projector

VPL-VW870ES: 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector with laser light source and 2,200 lumens brightness

An ideal choice to fit in your theatre room, the VPL-VW870ES brings movies to life with extraordinary cinematic detail, colour and contrast. This compact size home projector combines an advanced laser light source with the same Sony 4K SXRD panel technology that’s found in our professional cinema projectors, and features 4K Motionflow™ technology for smooth and clear motion.

VPL-VW570ES: 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector with 1,800 lumen brightness and 4K Motionflow™

Designed for your home theatre room and living room, the VPL-VW570ES delivers stunning, detail-packed images and incredibly lifelike colour like never before. And with 1,800 lm high brightness, you’re guaranteed an exceptional picture.

VPL-VW270ES: 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector with 1,500 lumen brightness

Imagine bringing the truly cinematic quality of 4K into your own home. Now you can make this a reality with our VPL-VW270ES Home Theatre projector with 4K Motionflow™.

VPL-VW5000ES: The world's most advanced 4K Home Cinema projector

The VPL-VW5000ES can lay claim to being the world’s finest projector. The ultra-pure laser light engine delivers a jaw-dropping 5,000 lumens brightness for truly stunning 4K HDR images.

VPL-VW760ES: Experience the contrast

The VPL-VW760ES is a new landmark in Home Cinema technology, with picture performance that you’d expect from bigger, more costly projectors. Laser light levels are precisely controlled in real time for impressive dynamic contrast with the latest 4K HDR content.

VPL-VW550ES: For serious Home Cinema enthusiasts

Packed with advanced features, the VPL-VW550ES is made to satisfy demanding Home Cinema enthusiasts. Iris3 technology delivers an extraordinary dynamic contrast ratio of 350,000:1. With 1,800 ANSI lumens brightness, you’ll see the difference with stunning 4K detail and rich, faithful colour.

VPL-VW360ES: All the excitement and realism of true 4K HDR

A stylish addition to any interior, the VPL-VW360ES boasts SXRD panel technology for detail-packed 4K pictures plus extraordinary 200,000:1 contrast. This fully-featured projector integrates seamlessly into today’s A/V environments, while Auto Calibration ensures superb pictures without effort.

VPL-VW260ES: Cinematic entertainment, delivered beautifully

Experience movies on disc and streaming services with true 4K clarity. The VPL-VW260ES brings all your entertainment beautifully to life, with SXRD panel technology delivering sumptuous clarity, colour and contrast. Support for HDR, plus the latest picture standards ensure an unforgettable experience, now and in the future.

VPL-VZ1000ES: Stunning pictures to suit everyone's lifestyle

Enjoy incredible entertainment without changing your room layout. The VPL-VZ1000ES ultra short throw laser light source projector can be positioned close to a wall, creating sumptuous 4K HDR images up to 120” with no projector shadows and no special installation.

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