Future-proof Home Cinema projectors with HDCP 2.2

All our 4K projector range – the VPL-VW1100ES, VPL-VW520ES and the new VPL-VW320ES – are compatible with HDCP 2.2, the next-generation copy protection technology. And that’s good news for everyone who’s looking forward to enjoying the fast-growing choice of 4K content that’s coming your way.

Next-generation content protection

HDCP stands for ‘High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection’. It’s the widely-supported industry standard that stops unauthorised copying of movies and other copyright material, whether it’s on disc, broadcast or streamed over the internet.

Ready to play in 4K, today and tomorrow

4K content is just around the corner. And if it’s adopted for Blu-ray DiscTM, there are promising signs that 4K material may become a part of our everyday entertainment experience in the future. TV broadcasters are already experimenting with transmitting programmes in 4K. And there’s a growing range of internet video services that are limbering up to stream free, premium content in 4K.

Explore our 4K Home Cinema range

The good news is that Sony offers a choice of 4K Home Cinema projectors – including the VPL-VW320ES – that all fully support HDCP 2.2. And that means you’re future-proofed.

Every Sony 4K projector guarantees a truly cinematic native 4096 x 2160 picture, with four times the resolution of Full HD. Our advanced SXRDTM panels offer finer detail, superior contrast and incredible colour accuracy, projecting images exactly as the director intended.

And while you’re awaiting the arrival of more native 4K content, Sony’s Reality Creation lets you enjoy an enhanced, upscaled 4K experience from your existing Blu-ray DiscTM library.

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