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XVS-G1 Powerful and Compact Live Production Switcher

A great choice for small and medium studios, flyaway packs and OB production units. The latest member of our XVS family of production switchers, the XVS-G1 adds cutting-edge technology for a range of visual processing enhancements. The 4RU processor is combined with a range of four stylish new control panels plus a -based operational menu for efficient and simple installations. The XVS-G1 builds on the success of the MVS-3000A and MVS-6530 switchers, bringing full HD and 4K(UHD) capacity at an affordable price.

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The XVS-G1 switcher for entry level live production
The HDCE-TX50 camera extension adaptor and HDCE-RX50 IP camera control unit

HDCE-TX50 IP camera extension adaptor and HDCE-RX50 IP CCU extension adaptor

The HDCE-TX50 IP camera extension adaptor can reduce the cost and complexity of remote production, simplifying connection and dual transmission capability for our HDC Series system cameras to an SMPTE ST 2110 IP network.

Easily carried in a flight case, the compact 1/3 rack width adaptor connects directly to a camera head in the field. SMPTE ST 2110 compliant, the unit transmits signals from the camera head over IP networks to the Camera Control Unit (CCU) sited at a remote production centre.
Used in conjunction with the HDCE- TX50, the HDCE-RX50 also simplifies centralized allocation of equipment between multiple studios, control rooms and machine rooms, allowing camera signals to be routed instantly over IP to another part of the facilities.

PVM-X3200 32-inch 4K HDR TRIMASTER monitor

Our new 32-inch 4K HDR high grade picture monitor, incorporates our premium LCD panel that offers 1000 cd/m2 luminance and colour matching with the BVM-HX310 4K HDR master monitor. This makes group monitoring easy for PGM/PVW and source monitoring of Quad View and Shading in studio and truck applications, and for editing, compositing, audio mixing etc and ideal for 4K and HD productions
Sony’s acclaimed TRIMASTER architecture delivers accurate picture reproduction, precise imaging and quality picture consistency and with the optional PVML-HSX1 license, the PVM-X3200 supports HDR-SDR conversion in live production environments.

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The latest 32 inch 4K HDR TRIMASTER monitor from Sony
Sony Media Analytics Portal helps to produce AI created highlight packages.

Media Analytics Portal. AI meets content production.

Enrich your productions and grow revenues, while working smarter and faster. Harness AI that does everything from sports data analysis to subtitling, tagging and creating multi-camera highlight clips
Our Media Analytics Portal helps you produce content fans have never seen before, while it takes care of media management and smarter workflows. Let our cloud-based service get to work, so you can make the most of new and archived media.

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Media Solutions Toolkit. Media microservices, designed for agility

Discover our all new modular approach to agile business with a suite of microservices designed for the media industry.

Manage content, data, workflows, devices and more—with an entire system designed precisely for your business. Our Media Solutions Toolkit offers a cloud-based library of microservices that can combine, scale and adapt to meet your evolving media needs.

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Media Solutions Toolkit, the suite of media microservices

LED Virtual Production/In-Camera VFX

Using the latest technology from Sony’s Virtual Production/In-Camera VFX , sets and locations for film and TV productions are captured and displayed as a background image on a Crystal LED display for real-time virtual production.

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