Showing the power of 4K on the streets of Tokyo

We’ve created a very ingenious interactive display to entertain pedestrians in one of the busiest areas of Tokyo. It’s all down to the power of our SNC-VM772R 4K network camer with added Augmented Reality magic.

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The electronic billboard with a 4K difference

A familiar sight in movies and TV shows, the road crossing at Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s busiest and best-known spots. Thousands of pedestrians zig-zag across the bustling junction at all hours of the day and night, overlooked by an imposing LED display screen on the commercial facility “SHIBUYA MODI.”

Measuring 8.7 x 10.6m, the colourful screen is a promotional showcase for Sony electronics, movies, music and games. But unlike ordinary billboards, this super-sized display now has some very unusual tricks to entertain commuters, shoppers and tourists below.

Passing pedestrians broadcast live on the big screen

Sharp eyed passers-by can see a SNC-VM772R 4K network camera neatly positioned above the huge display screen. Typically used for video security and monitoring applications, our 4K camera is now being used to capture high-resolution images of pedestrians walking in the street below.

The camera intelligently tracks the real-time movement of dozens of different people in its view. These pictures are overlaid with striking Augmented Reality effects and computer graphics, turning the pedestrians’ movements into hypnotic streaks of abstract colour. The result is a constantly-changing interactive display that everyone’s a part of.

Why this camera’s perfect for capturing the magic of the moment

It’s easy to see that the Augmented Reality display is a big hit with people passing by. Catching themselves on the big screen, groups of pedestrians laugh excitedly and retrace their steps just to get back in shot again.

But all this innovation isn’t just about entertainment. With its wide field of view and detail-packed 4K image resolution, the SNC-VM772R is ideal for capturing this busy city scene with far more detail than an ordinary CCTV camera. And thanks to its HDMI digital video output, live camera pictures are shown instantly on the big screen with no distracting time-lag.

Rain and dust resistant, the rugged outdoor camera is perfect for year-round operation in the heart of Tokyo – from winter chills to the sweltering summer heat.

“We wanted to create impressive, original content to stand out from other digital signage” says Fumito Fujinami from Brand Strategy department at Sony Corporation who developed the unique display.

“The SNC-VM772R allowed us to enlarge, crop and stitch 4K footage together with computer graphics, while giving us less latency when transmitting the camera image”, notes Mr, Fujinami. “We also appreciated its dust-proof and water-proof durability for this application”.

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