5,000 lm (5,200 lm center) WUXGA laser light source projector
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Image showing a VPL-FHZ131L, VPL-FHZ66 and VPL-PHZ12, all covered by PrimeSupport.
A woman is stood presenting in front of 8 people in a meeting room. A bright & colourful image is projected on the screen, displaying business data.

More incredible images

Don’t compromise on amazing images. Sony’s advanced BrightEra 3LCD projection engine delivers bright, detail-packed pictures with generous 5,000 lumens brightness and rich, stable colours. It’s the ideal way to present more fine detail in PC presentations, videos or multimedia signage.

Laser lasts longer

The powerful Z-Phosphor laser light source offers up to 20,000 hours* of virtually zero maintenance operation without the worry of sudden lamp failures – reducing lifetime running costs compared with traditional projector lamps. Constant Bright maintains steady light output levels throughout the laser’s rated lifespan.

*Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment

Bright, abstract image of a laser projector lens.
A man is stood presenting on stage. A large, dynamic & colourful image of a parrot is projected behind him.

Impressively refined pictures

Picture quality is boosted by advanced processing features like Reality Creation that uses a powerful pattern-matching database to optimise every pixel, enhancing crispness of on-screen images and text without adding digital picture noise. Contrast Enhancer actively analyses and refines dark and light image areas for sparkling highlights and rich, deep blacks.

Simpler maintenance, lower running costs

The projector’s long-lasting laser light source, complemented by an automated filter system, cuts the hassle of regular dust cleaning. Minimal maintenance needs are matched by a range of energy-saving features, significantly driving down total lifetime ownership costs.

A lecturer is stood in front a seminar room, with groups of students sat around him. On the screen is a projected image of a human skull, annotated with medical information.

Consistent clarity in any conditions

Picture Mode rewards you with great-looking pictures in any presentation conditions. Select Standard, Dynamic or Brightness Priority mode for optimised image quality, with any source and in every room.

A woman is stood in front of a bright projected screen, gesturing to the crowd as if somebody is asking a question.


Blends in effortlessly

The slim, stylish case features a flat top surface that blends in discreetly when the projector is ceiling mounted.

Icon representing the stylish, blend-in design of the VPL-PWZ10 laser projector.

360° installation

Enjoy greater installation flexibility. Position the projector at any angle, on its side or even upside down.

Icon representing the 360 degrees installation flexibility of the VPL-CWZ10 laser projector.

Keep it quiet

Low fan noise assists unobtrusive operation in academic and corporate environments.

Icon representing the quiet, unobtrusive operation of the VPL-CWZ10 laser projector.

Simple setup

Friendly installation menu makes adjusting projector settings easy with the supplied remote commander.

Icon representing the simple & easy setup procedure for the VPL-CWZ10 laser projector.

Save time

Quick power on/off cuts warm-up time after switch-on before you can start presenting at full brightness.

Icon representing the quick power-off/power-on features of the VPL-CWZ10 laser projector.

Supports HDBaseT

Simplify connections with transmission of video, audio and control over a single network cable.

Icon representing the VPL-CWZ10 laser projector's support of HDBaseT technology.


Display system
Display system
3 LCD system
Display device
Size of effective display area
0.76” (19.3 mm) x 3 BrightEra LCD Panel, Aspect ratio: 16:10
Number of pixels
6,912,000 (1920 x 1200 x 3) pixels
Projection lens
Zoom - Powered/Manual
Zoom - Ratio
Approx. x 1.45
Throw ratio
1.28:1 to 1.88:1
Lens shift - Powered/Manual
Lens shift - Range Vertical
+20% to +55%
Lens shift - Range Horizontal
+/- 10%
Light source
Laser diode
Filter cleaning / replacement cycle (Max.)
Filter cleaning / replacement cycle (Max.)
20,000 H (service maintenance)
Screen size
Screen size
40" to 300" (1.02 m to 7.62 m)
Light output *1
Mode: Standard
5,000lm *2
Mode: Standard (Centre)
5,200lm *3
Color light output *1
Mode: Standard
5,000 lm
Contrast ratio (full white / full black) *1
Contrast ratio (full white / full black)
16 W (monaural)
Displayable scanning frequency
15 kHz to 92 kHz
48 Hz to 92 Hz
Accepted signal resolution
Computer signal input
Maximum signal resolution: 1920 x 1200 *4
Video signal input
NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 480/60p, 576/50i, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i
The following items are available for HDMI input only; 1080/60p, 1080/50p, 1080/24p
Color System
Color System
Keystone correction (Max.)
+/- 30 degrees
+/- 20 degrees
INPUT OUTPUT (Computer/Video/Control)
RGB / Y PB PR input connector:Mini D-sub 15 pin (female)
Audio input connector: Stereo mini jack
HDMI input connector: HDMI 19-pin, HDCP support
Audio input connector: HDMI audio support
HDMI input connector: HDMI 19-pin, HDCP support
Audio input connector: HDMI audio support
HDBaseT interface connector: RJ45, 4 play (Video, Audio, LAN, Control)
Video input connector: BNC
Audio input connector: Shared with INPUT A
Audio output connector: Stereo mini jack
D-sub 9-pin (male) / RS232C
RJ45, 100BASE-TX (Shared with INPUT D)
Acoustic Noise *1
Lamp Mode: Standard / Middle / Low
36 dB / 28 dB / 25 dB
Operating temperature / Operating humidity
Operating temperature / Operating humidity
0°to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) / 20 % to 80 % (no condensation)
Storage temperature / Storage humidity
Storage temperature / Storage humidity
-10° to +60°C (14°F to 140°F) / 20 % to 80 % (no condensation)
Power requirements
Power requirements
AC 100 V to 240 V, 4.3 A to 1.7 A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Consumption
AC 100 V to 120 V
Mode: Standard: 424 W
AC 220 V to 240 V
Mode: Standard: 403 W
Power Consumption (Standby Mode)
AC 100 V to 120 V
0.5 W (when "Standby mode" is set to "Low")
AC 220 V to 240 V
0.5 W (when "Standby mode" is set to "Low")
Power Consumption (Networked Standby Mode)
AC 100 V to 120 V
12.5 W (LAN)
13.2 W (optional WLAN module)
16.8 W (HDBaseT)
17.4 W (ALL Terminals and Networks Connected, when "Standby Mode" is set to "Standard")
AC 220 V to 240 V
11.9W (LAN)
12.6W (optional WLAN module)
17.0W (HDBaseT)
17.6W (ALL Terminals and Networks Connected, when "Standby Mode" is set to "Standard")
Standby Mode / Networked Standby Mode Activated
Standby Mode / Networked Standby Mode Activated
Approx. 2 Minutes
Heat dissipation
AC 100 V to 120 V
1446 BTU/h
AC 220 V to 240 V
1374 BTU/h
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (without protrusions)
510 x 113 x 354.6 mm (20 3/32 x 4 7/16 x 13 31/32 inches)
Approx. 8.7kg (19 lb)
Supplied accessories
Remote commander
The figures are approximate. They vary depending on the environment or how the projector is used.
The value is in accordance with ISO 21118, and may differ depending on the actual unit. Brightness and contrast vary depending on use conditions and environments.
The value is light output measured at center area of screen in Standard mode, and average of all products shipped.
Available for VESA Reduced Blanking signal.
This projector has a total constant brightness of 4500 lumens for up to 14,000 hours depending on usage environment. This enables users to experience the projectors’ original level of image quality for years, while achieving a maximum 5,000 lumens brightness when the constant brightness mode is off.