Sony thermal print media: Made for your medical printer

Always choose official thermal print media from Sony. It’s the reliable choice for medical applications that depend on accurate, durable, long-lasting prints – and good news for the life of your printer, too.

The ideal partner for your Sony printer

Our dependable, high-performance thermal print media is designed to precisely match the mechanical characteristics of the Sony medical printer range. That means you’ll always benefit from optimal image quality and reliable operation, print after print.

Better looking prints every time

Substances like hand oil and ultrasonic gel can stick to print media when you’re replacing it. If this foreign matter adheres to the print head, it can cause unwanted vertical streaks in the print. Our UPP-110 Series thermal print media is made of a special material that’s less likely to contaminate the print head. In addition, the media’s high-gloss protective coating cleans off foreign substances that adhere to the head during printing. As the head-cleaning process occurs every time printing is performed, it reduces the risk of poor-quality prints.

[1] Structure of high quality thermal paper UPP-110 series

[2] High gloss

[3] Protective coat 2  

[4] Protective coat 1

[5] Thermal coat

[6] Synthetic paper (base material)

[7] Back coat

Protect your printer head

Friction between the print media and the print head can cause a build-up of static electricity that damages the delicate print head elements. This can result in problems such as vertical stripes appearing in the print. The back of Sony’s print media features a very thin protective back coating to prevent the accumulation of damaging electrostatic charges.

Durable, longer lasting prints

Heat and humidity frequently cause thermal prints to degrade over time. Our print media features a special coating with high resistance to heat and humidity. Storage stability is also improved by a high gloss layer (UPP-110HG and UPP-84HG only) that prevents prints being smudged by fingerprints or water.

Accurate grey scale reproduction

Accurate grey scale reproduction is critical to achieving the correct tonal range of printed images. Using our printers with Sony print media ensures carefully matched grey scale characteristics – giving superior image transfer quality.

Curl-free, jam-free prints

The special formulation of our thermal print media ensures minimal curling – for smooth, reliable print delivery and less chance of time-consuming paper jams.

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