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Fast. High capacity. Dependable. Optical Disc Archive keeps your important data files safe and readily accessible – now and for the long-term. Optical Disc Archive scales seamlessly to meet your archive requirements, from stand-alone desktop drives to enterprise grade data centre solutions.

High-capacity Optical Disc Archive media

Archival Disc (AD) media is a non-contact read/write technology that ensures availability for your archived data. AD media is extremely robust with a data life estimated at 100 years*, substantially longer than any other magnetically based storage media on the market. The ODA cartridge and AD media are designed to be highly durable and resilient in a wide range of environmental conditions. This enables air-gapped storage of the media in typical office environments or off-site facilities and does not require special climate-controlled conditions.

*Referring to the ISO/IEC16963 method, this is the estimated average archival life of an archival disc calculated by internal acceleration testing.

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Archival Disc media
Optical Disc standalone drive

Optical Disc Archive stand-alone drives

Our stand-alone USB drive is the entry level desktop solution for a shelf-based archive that is ideal to protect all data types. You’ll find ODA drives everywhere from small to medium-sized businesses to government offices at the local, state, and federal levels, and even in professional camera studios.

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems are supported by Sony’s Optical Disc Archive Software for basic writing and reading of data to the USB drive.

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PetaSite Optical Library Solutions

The PetaSite library is an enterprise solution that easily scales from 165 TB* to 2.9 PB* of immutable optical storage in a standard 42U rack to address your data growth effectively. Utilizing Sony’s Archival Disc WORM media across all the solutions, you are assured that your data is unalterable by cyber-attacks, malicious or accidental erasure and ransomware.

*Recording capacity depends on the usage environment. Actual recording capacity may be less than indicated on the cartridge.

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Petasite Optical library

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