With BRAVIA, sustainability in every scene

With growing demand for ever larger TVs and Professional Displays, there is also the risk of greater resource and energy use. However, Sony’s sustainability commitments are realizing efficiency gains from product development right through to watching TV and viewing displays.

image of lake and forest with a TV screen showing the same picture.

Immersive experience meets environmental consideration

With BRAVIA, you will be able to enjoy the most immersive TV or Display experiences with stunning designs, right alongside innovations to lower environmental impact by helping reduce energy consumption and use of non-renewable resources.

Download our Sustainability Report for 2022 and discover how Sony is addressing social and environmental issues.

Making it, moving it, and using it more efficiently: Advanced engineering for sustainability

To reduce environmental impact, we are working on multiple aspects across the product life cycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic, improvement of transportation efficiency, and review of power consumption during use.

image of a TV screen with icons in a loop showing eco savings

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Using less virgin plastic: Combining high recycling and product quality

Across every design aspect, from material development to aesthetics, we succeeded in increasing our use of recycled material while preserving the high-quality finish. Especially, for OLED TVs and Professional BRAVIA displays1, Sony-developed SORPLAS™ recycled plastics are used for the rear cover2, the largest TV part by area, reducing overall virgin plastic use by approximately 60%.

1A95K/A90K/A80K series. The product name varies depending on the country of sale, and the products with 60% reduction are only available with certain models and in certain regions.
2SORPLAS™ may not be used for parts depending on the time of production. Find out more >

diagram and image of carbon materials and 60% reduction in their use since 2018

Towards closed loop with repeated recyclability

One advantage of SORPLAS™ is that it won’t degrade too much even after being recycled several times. Recycled SORPLAS™ parts have a potential to reduce the volume of waste and contribute toward recycle-oriented society.

diagram showing the eco cycle from plastic bottles to tv screens

Manufacturing for less weight: External Air Injection

Precision moulding techniques make panels strong and beautiful while cutting weight, so packaging also becomes thinner, reducing plastic usage. External air injection presses resin parts with air to eliminate both warping and waste*.

*Applicability of weight reduction depending on product model and subject to change without notice.

[1] Dimples caused by uneven pressure with normal moulding [2] No dimples with External Air Injection moulding [3] Exterior surface [4] Interior surface [5] Instead of overfilling the plastic, air pressure is applied from the rear to avoid uneven pressure.

Diagram showing the air injection to reduce waste in packaging and panels

Better packaging with less plastic

Conventionally, packaging material is needed above and below BRAVIA Displays and TVs, as well as on the left and right ends. After numerous simulations and decades of global logistics experience, we have optimized packaging design to protect the screen with reduced packaging materials, achieving an approximately 35% reduction of the packaging plastic volume*.

*Compared to FY18 models. The ratio may vary by model.

diagram of scales showing a 35% decrease in plastics since 2018
diagram of truck showing a 15% decrease in CO2 emissions

Cutting CO2 with smaller and lighter packaging

By reengineering the packaging that protects the product during shipping, we cut the package size by 15% and total weight by 10%. This increases the number of units on one pallet by approximately 1.3 times. As a result, CO2 emissions per unit from product transportation have been reduced by approximately 15%*.

*Compared to FY18 models. The ratio may vary by model.

Less ink saves resources

Product information printed on the package has been carefully considered for simplicity and length in order to reduce print ink usage by approximately 90% to lower impact without compromising the packaging design and appeal*.

*Ink reduction is applicable only to specific models in our FWD series.

diagram of Sony product packaging using less ink
Sony Eco Dashboard with options for Power saving

All your energy-saving settings, easily found in one place

You now have the flexibility Eco Dashboard, energy saving settings can now be centrally managed. You can easily customise energy saving settings for your TV usage, viewing environment, and the content you are watching, all in one place, and visualise the contribution you are making to reduce environmental impact.

Same great performance, better energy rankings

Our BZ-L line-up brings an energy rank improvement for 93% of the new models vs their predecessors.

Our previous line-up featured a ‘G’ rank in all models, whereas our BZ-L line-up improves to new rankings between ‘E’ and ‘F’, meaning we can deliver the great performance expected from BRAVIA in a more energy efficient way.


SegmentEnergy Rank


SegmentModelEnergy Rank
BZ40L85BZ40L, 55BZ40LF
BZ40L75BZ40L, 65BZ40LE
BZ35L85BZ35L, 75BZ35L, 65BZ35L, 55BZ35LE
BZ30L75BZ30L, 65BZ30L, 50BZ30LF

Powerful performance, energy-efficient integration

Our impressive SoC delivers smooth, effortless playback of 4K HDR content to engage customers with incredible image quality.

You can simplify your signage and video conferencing solutions by utilizing the powerful BRAVIA SoC. Remove the need for a separate media player for signage applications, or simply connect supported video bar devices directly to the display for a straightforward video conferencing system.

Less devices for your solutions, means less points of failure and more energy efficiency for your operation.

side by side images of couple watching TV indicating dark and light environments

Optimal viewing and energy use with automatic brightness control

With ambient light sensing enabled, the screen brightness is optimised for your room’s lighting, and power consumption can be reduced.

 [1] Darker environment [2] Brighter environment

Efficient power usage according to the brightness of each image location

Enjoy clean and vibrant images with unique signal processing1to optimise every part of the picture*.

*Efficient power usage is available depending on model.

[1] Dark [2] Typical brightness [3] Bright

side by side image and diagram showing power use compared to image brightness

Discover your perfect BRAVIA

You’ll find the perfect BRAVIA Professional Display to match the needs of every environment. From smaller screens to our largest displays measuring an impressive 100”, you’ll enjoy pristine 4K or 8K image quality, intuitive operation plus up-to-the-minute styling that enhances any space.

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