LKRL-A003 DOLBY (LKRLA003 DOLBY)Discontinued

Combined 3D dual lens (long throw) and DOLBY filter system for SRX-R320SP/P Digital Cinema Projector

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Smooth, immersive 3D entertainment for white-screen cinemas
Cinema owners are offered an expanded choice of 3D presentation solutions with this 3D solution that includes a dual long-throw lens and DOLBY filters for use with the Sony SRX-R320SP/P 4K Digital Cinema Projector.

Suitable for cinemas with a conventional white projection screen*, the DOLBY 3D solution uses a proprietary fixed filter system. Installed inside the 3D dual lens, this achieves separation between Left and Right eye images.

When fitted with this long-throw 3D lens and filter configuration, the SRX-R320SP/P projector shows two images simultaneously that are viewed by audiences wearing re-usable DOLBY 3D filter glasses.

Unlike ‘triple-flash’ systems that rapidly present different images to each eye in turn, this eliminates flashing effects that may distract some audience members when viewing fast-paced action scenes.

Please note: this solution is optimised for use with the Sony SRX-R320SP/P 4K projector only. It is not compatible with the SRX-R320P/R320SP/R220 or other digital cinema projectors.

*screen size limitations apply
Smooth, easy on the eye 3D images
3D delivered using the DOLBY a Sony 4K projection system delivers a smooth, immersive viewing experience to cinema audiences. Separate images for left and right eye are projected simultaneously, avoiding distracting motion artefacts that are common with time-domain multiplexed ‘triple flash’ 3D systems.
For white cinema screens
The DOLBY 3D solution is suitable for with cinemas equipped with ordinary white screens.
Excellent picture quality from every seat in the house
Viewers wearing re-usable DOLBY-supplied filter glasses can enjoy superb 3D pictures free of ‘ghosting’, with consistent image quality regardless of their seating position in the auditorium.
Projector compatibility
This DOLBY 3D lens/filter system is optimised for use with the Sony SRX-R320SP/P 4K projector only. It is not suitable for use with other projectors in the SRX-R320 Series.
Zoom/throw ratio
Zoom/throw ratio of the lens differs, depending on the type of screen masking:
1.9 – 4.0 for Side masking
2.46 – 5.0 for Top/Bottom masking

*screen size limitations apply