Working from home: Is your webcam holding you back?

As millions of workers across the globe continue to dial into calls and meetings, most of us are making do with the low visual quality webcams in our laptops.

We know how important good communication and a superior visual experience is to your business. So why not upgrade to one of our high-quality PTZ cameras for clearer pictures that help bring your meetings to life.

A montage of people working from home. A woman struggles through a meeting with her child in her arms, a woman in a creative studio takes part in a meeting and a man makes a phone call from his breakfast table in front of his laptop.

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A laptop showing virtual meeting between colleagues

Your meeting matters

Forget blocky, low-resolution images, our cameras provide full frame video up to 1080p, and 4K UHD at 60fps. And excellent low-light sensitivity ensures you get a great picture in every home office. Perfect for CEOs presenting to their teams, teachers staying in touch with students or crisis teams working remotely.


Bring your meetings to life. Our cameras work with any web-based collaboration tool, including Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more. Just download the free NewTek NDI®* tools software and your computer will treat the camera as if it was your webcam.

A product shot of our SRG-120DU, SRG-X120 and SRG-X400 cameras.
A student watching lecturer teach on her laptop

Distance learning

Our cameras enhance teaching and collaborative learning through live streaming, connecting students and lecturers in real time across different campuses and with other colleges. 

Grab your audience’s attention and increase their engagement with intelligent video analytics technology, which features handwriting extraction and chroma-key-less CG overlays to allow you to create advanced video content wherever you are.

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Remote SRG cameras

Ideal for a range of applications

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A 3/4 front view shot of our SRG-120DU


Full HD images with a USB plug-and-play interface for simpler remote meetings

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A 3/4 front view shot of our SRG-X120


4K pictures with NDI support

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A 3/4 front view shot of our SRG-X400


4K pictures with NDI support and up to 40x zoom

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*NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.
Cameras offer support for NDI®|HX (via optional licence), allowing flexible configuration with other networked NDI®-enabled devices.