SOW-E Series (SOWE Series)

Network Video Management Software – Enterprise Edition

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Highly-scalable, feature-rich, network video management software for monitoring systems with up to 4096 cameras
This versatile, highly scalable video management software supports monitoring systems with up to 4096 cameras, which is ideal for large-scale monitoring and recording applications such as school districts, cities, and transportation. The SOW-E Series is the first 4K-ready VMS application from Sony with 4K recording and playback capability. It's ideal for use with Sony 4K cameras, supporting unique image output functions like Intelligent Cropping. Recording 4K image data with four times the resolution of Full HD, the SOW-E Series supports more effective, efficient video monitoring by providing excellent situational awareness plus the ability to recognise fine details in a scene and quick, accurate searches. Multiple users can simultaneously and securely access live or recorded video via their smartphone or tablet from any location. In addition remote PC clients can securely access system functions via a web browser, with no need to install application software. Multi-vendor support allows easy expansion through the addition of a growing choice of third party cameras and other devices to create a powerful, versatile monitoring system. Regular software updates give monitoring professionals the reassurance of top-flight performance and the addition of new features to expand system capabilities even further. Monitoring workflow is enhanced with support for a wide range of smart analytical and automation functions. This software-based solution gives system designers and integrators the freedom to select server hardware from the marketplace with CPU and operational specifications to meet their customers' precise needs. Note The SOW-S and SOW-E Series network video management software and HAW-S and HAW-E Series network video recorders are not compatible with each other and cannot be used in the same system.


Compatible with Sony 4K cameras
Sony 4K cameras provide powerful new ways to get the whole picture, allowing detailed analysis of specific areas in a scene, together with a wide-area situational overview. They offer a range of video output functions, including Intelligent Cropping and Multi Tracking, plus Evidence Shot, high resolution still image capture that’s ideal for evidence. The SOW-E Series supports the video output functions unique to Sony 4K cameras, including a single real-time 4K/30 fps video stream and Intelligent Cropping that provides a Full HD overview video plus up to four VGA close-up video streams at the same time.
Multi-client access via smartphone or PC
Multiple users can simultaneously and securely access live or recorded video via their smartphone or tablet from any location. In addition remote PC clients can securely access system functions via a web browser*, with no need to install application software. Live images captured with a smartphone or tablet by on-site staff can be transferred to the system, shared among users in the operations room and recorded to the central server. This supports timely monitoring of events, even in extreme environments where installing cameras is difficult. * Web browser supports limited functions, while client application software installed on a PC supports full system functions.
Get a more intelligent viewpoint
Smart Wall integrates a large number of monitors installed on the video wall. This advanced optional add-on video wall product improves operator’s response time by displaying all video data to provide a complete overview of large monitoring centres. Operators can focus on the most critical matters and coordinate response activities because multiple users can be shown the same view.
All-round awareness
Interactive, multi-layered maps offer a situational overview plus control of cameras and other integrated systems. Icons are displayed in a map image showing the location of each camera: operators can instantly view live video by clicking on an icon. When an alarm event occurs, the associated camera icon is displayed prominently, helping the operator understand the situation and take appropriate action.
Fail-over data backup with Edge Storage
Video and audio data can be recorded directly onto a SD/microSD card attached to the camera. This can be used for fail-over data backup if the network connection is temporarily disconnected. Recorded data can be transmitted to network video recorders (NVR)/video management software (VMS) and merged with data saved on the NVR/VMS storage.