Memnon Digitization and Asset Preservation Services

Preserving your history


Whether it’s a speech by an important historical figure or iconic moments from broadcast sports, some of the most valuable parts of our shared cultural heritage are contained in audio and video recordings.

These audiovisual documents are fragile and it’s our responsibility to preserve, for the long-term, these records of our cultural legacy.

Memnon, a Sony Group Company, is a trusted provider of a range of services to digitise, restore, preserve and provide access to these recordings. We digitise all analogue formats from magnetic tape to vinyl record, as well as offering long-term storage of your precious audiovisual assets.

With our expertise, we can play a key role in preserving your history and ours.

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Use it or lose it

Since 1951, videotape has been used to record many of the most memorable events and images in our lives. But it’s easy to overestimate the resilience of tape archives, and underestimate the difficulty of digitising them. The average media company has 100,000 tapes, with the average digitisation project taking three to four years. And because the degradation of magnetic tape cannot be stopped, the deadline for preserving your assets digitally is now.

Our expertise

As one of the world’s foremost digital service provider, we’re dedicated to large-scale digitisation.

Unrivalled knowledge and expertise through digitisation of millions of hours of content in complex collections

Consistent quality through established and proven processes, tools and procedures

Leading productivity thanks to proprietary production management platform and in-depth expertise in both metadata management and long term preservation issues

Deep understanding and compliance with international standards and professional and industry organisation guideline

Our capabilities

With our unrivalled expertise and knowledge in sound and video archives, we can advise at every stage of the digitisation process. Our services include:

  • Audio, video and film digitisation
  • Large-scale industrial workflows and processes
  • Restoration and media carrier treatment
  • Outsourcing and onsite managed services
  • Metadata management
  • Content indexation and enrichment
  • Quality control based on international standards and professional/industry organisation guidelines
  • Conception and consulting
  • Our expertise in audio/video, broadcast and recording media technologies

Our clients

We’re currently involved in the digitisation of more than 4,000,000 hours of assets. We’ve provided services to some of the world’s largest broadcasters and organisations.



Memnon introduces DARS.MEDIA: The next generation footage marketplace.
DARS.MEDIA is a new video content exploration and licensing marketplace created with rights holders and media professionals in mind.

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Creatives and Media Professionals

Elevate your next project with highly curated video content from our worldwide content partners and experience cutting-edge technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. Let us help you discover and license the right content.

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Rights Holders and Content Creators

Whether you own archival footage, footage clips, b-rolls or programme clips, there are key benefits in outsourcing the licensing of your content to a team with the expertise to help sell this content to professional users. With DARS.MEDIA, we make your content discoverable, easy to license and transformed into a revenue opportunity.

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Memnon Box. On-Demand Digitisation.

Create new content, use your content for new projects, or simply preserve for future use. We digitize basically all professional as well as consumer formats in a professional process including cleaning and treatment processes for highest grade professional digital master creation.

MemnonBOX is an on-demand service for small volume digitization of professional media formats. If you have large volumes or special requirements, please contact our team.

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