Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe

Discover Sony at Pinewood Studios, a place for Europe’s film-making community to come together to share passion and knowledge.

Who are we?

Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (DMPCE) is one of the world’s leading destinations for makers of film, television and commercials. At the DMPCE you can develop your craft, work with cutting edge technology and expand your network.

The DMPCE is your one-stop learning destination

The DMPCE offers regular hands-on training on Sony’s full range of cameras – With Super 35mm cameras such as the F65, F55, F5, FS7 II and FS5. Here, on the lot of Pinewood Studios, filmmakers can shoot 4K HDR pictures, process them through a 4K workflow and view the results on a 4K HDR projector! It offers:
• 4K Shooting and Workflow training
• Camera tests for productions
• Craft and technology courses
• Demonstrations of Sony’s Professional solutions

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If you would like to arrange a camera test for the CineAlta range in preparation for a feature film, drama or commercial, or would like information on our scheduled events get in touch.

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